• RE: Your map uploads




    Upload your own KML, GPX, GeoJSON file at https://www.windy.com/uploader

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  • RE: no AROME data in corners of covered area

    Still waiting for this fix on Android.

    I love windy and especially the AROME model during these challenging to predict summer months with inconsistent thermal winds and squalls.
    But all my kitesurfing and sailing spots in northern Germany aren't really available on the Android app.
    Would be awesome if you could throw it into the next update!

    Aloha from Hamburg

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  • Chuva forte

    Chuva forte em São José do Rio Preto

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  • RE: Your map annotations




    This image is licenced under Creative Commons licence and can be used/modified freely in any possible way

    Create your own annotation at https://www.windy.com/annotate

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  • RE: Aurora

    Predicting Aurora i think most Aurora Hunters know how to do and what it involves... there are plenty of tools on the web to predict.
    What we need is an aurora oval overlay on a map, no matter the clouds. So we know more exactly where to go. This is an essential tool for Aurora spotting in northern Europe since the Aurora oval is not consistent and changes quite drastically dependent on the weather conditions in space, earth's magnetic field and the intensity overall. In northern Europe it is quite closely monitored in the northern countries.
    Seeing the Aurora oval is most likely the most significant and essential tool in forecasting the Northern Lights. NOAA has provided data for years but has proven the last couple of years to be more and more un reliable and faulty by as much as two days + -.

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  • RE: Widgets doesn't work

    Hi @Rabbagast, please give us more info HERE, thank you!

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  • When and How to Create a New Group

    Groups can gather people of similar focus and/or similar locations.

    • The “Groups” section displays the same content as is displayed in the Categories >> Topics, depending on who is a member of what group.
    • Every user can pick a “Badge” related to a group (only one of the groups they're in) and issue it on their profile. This can be set via >> Profile >> Edit Profile >> Group Title.
    • There is no other special function of the “Groups” section – and therefore no reason to get crazy setting new groups. :-)

    If you want to create a new group, please do your best to follow this procedure:

    1. Check if there is a similar group already existing.
    • If it is, join that group. Please do not create a duplicate group just with a slightly different meaning or title.
    • If it’s not, you can create a new group.
    • If there’s a group referring to an activity in a very general way, while you’d like to specify a location for that activity etc., you can create a new group with a geographic specification in the group name.
    1. Don’t create a non-sense group name. Such groups will be deleted instantly.

    2. Use English (or universal, internationally readable) words in the group name.

    • In case you use a different language, whether in Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese or any other letters, make sure to include (in brackets) an English translation of the group name.
    • In case the group name refers to a geographic location (state, city, mountain, river, etc.), make sure to include (in brackets) the full name of the country concerned.
      --> Example: מזג אויר רכס ארסוף (Weather in Arsuf, Israel) ; 台灣地震分析 (Taiwan Seismic Analysis) .
    1. If you can, set your group as Public, not Private. Otherwise, we will set it as Public.

    2. Upload a cover picture which best describes the activity and/or location that your group refers to. If you don’t, we will upload one.
      --> Tip: You can use pictures that you took, or free photos from Unsplash.com.

    If you don’t respect these rules (or at least try to), we will keep deleting any duplicate and/or non-sense groups. We really want to keep the “Groups” section clear and comfortable for everyone.

    Thank you for understanding & enjoy!

    UPDATE: For the reasons mentioned above, we have recently disabled the option to create new groups.

    If you want to create a new group, please let me know its purpose and the title, and I will create it for you (or not). :)

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  • RE: Keyboard shortcuts

    I'd love to have +/-24h shortcuts (like CTRL+), and model change shortcuts.

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  • RE: Tide Forecast on Windy

    Well done, that was a missing feature. I'm a solo ocean sailor, kitesurfer and snowkiter, dreaming about combining sailing and snowkiting in Norway at some point.
    Well, regarding the tides, I agree with @timber2 on most points. Here's my list:

    • meters instead of ft
    • coefficients would be nice
    • especially in the English Channel (east of Dover), the tides can produce some very weird pattern with double high tides in a cycle due to strange interference. See also this paper. These cases make a visualization very important, instead of just raw High and Low values.
    • some ressources that come into mind regarding tide levels:
      -- dmi.dk - click on "Vandstand" - this shows a nice "sloshing" of the tide wave in the North Sea
      -- myocean & earthcube.org for general ocean & earth data
      -- German tide forecasts in Northern and Baltic Sea bsh.de - nice to see the difference between astronomical tide and ocean model prediction, including an error estimate.
    • last, for all the whitewater enthusiasts, I know the "tide" on the rivers are of utmost importance! This is probably a bigger project, to keep you guys busy, but would be great to see as well. I guess also to see correlation of accumulated rain and flooding.

    Well, keep up the good work!

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  • RE: Model NAM does not show rain accumulation & new snow

    I can confirm this. And if I rezoom and/or refresh the site (on either "Rain accumulation" or "New snow" layer), the entire area on the map remains gray.

    Similar: https://community.windy.com/topic/5852/rain-accumulation-nam-3rd-day-not-working

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