• RE: Windy joins forces with Webcams.travel

    @ivo Sensacional, parabéns pelo empreendimento, onde todos nós seremos beneficiados!!

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  • How are mensure the CO concentration on Windy?

    Helo, I can't understand how it's possible be forecast to emission that suffer influence of others actions. How it's the mensure the CO emissions presented in the layer on windy?

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  • RE: Your map annotations

    vendaval - essa noite e amanha



    This image is licenced under Creative Commons licence and can be used/modified freely in any possible way

    Create your own annotation at https://www.windy.com/annotate

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  • Chuva forte

    Chuva forte em São José do Rio Preto

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  • RE: Please put lighting spots on the map!


    I've finally found the source of the lightning strike map for South America: http://wwlln.net/new/map/

    To get the data, Windy's ADM need to get contact to:

    Prof Robert Holzworth, Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington



    (WWLLN Data available: WWLLN Monthly CDs containing all stroke locations over the whole world for 1 month. Those are mailed to subscribers each month, or they may opt to download the data weekly. Archival data are available for sale from August 15, 2004 to the present. Our site hosts receive a free monthly subscription.

    WWLLN Data are available via internet with cadence every 10 minutes for research purposes from the University of Washington, or with a cadence of as fast as every minute (i.e. in realtime) from our commercial reseller. Contact Prof. Holzworth for more info.)

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  • Map Layers from NetCDF files

    Hey mates! I'm researching about which solution works better to build a WMS to serve map layers from my weather forecasts (and some other data types) that are storeds in netcdf files. Someone out there has any article, paper or something related where I can find useful informations?

    I'm also open to discuss freelance jobs.


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  • RE: New Group: Mariners - Seafarers

    Although this thread is a little old... It will be good for sailors to share a little info in this group. I look forward to talking with all of you!

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  • RE: Widgets doesn't work

    Hi @Rabbagast, please give us more info HERE, thank you!

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  • When and How to Create a New Group

    Groups can gather people of similar focus and/or similar locations.

    • The “Groups” section displays the same content as is displayed in the Categories >> Topics, depending on who is a member of what group.
    • Every user can pick a “Badge” related to a group (only one of the groups they're in) and issue it on their profile. This can be set via >> Profile >> Edit Profile >> Group Title.
    • There is no other special function of the “Groups” section – and therefore no reason to get crazy setting new groups. :-)

    If you want to create a new group, please do your best to follow this procedure:

    1. Check if there is a similar group already existing.
    • If it is, join that group. Please do not create a duplicate group just with a slightly different meaning or title.
    • If it’s not, you can create a new group.
    • If there’s a group referring to an activity in a very general way, while you’d like to specify a location for that activity etc., you can create a new group with a geographic specification in the group name.
    1. Don’t create a non-sense group name. Such groups will be deleted instantly.

    2. Use English (or universal, internationally readable) words in the group name.

    • In case you use a different language, whether in Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese or any other letters, make sure to include (in brackets) an English translation of the group name.
    • In case the group name refers to a geographic location (state, city, mountain, river, etc.), make sure to include (in brackets) the full name of the country concerned.
      --> Example: מזג אויר רכס ארסוף (Weather in Arsuf, Israel) ; 台灣地震分析 (Taiwan Seismic Analysis) .
    1. If you can, set your group as Public, not Private. Otherwise, we will set it as Public.

    2. Upload a cover picture which best describes the activity and/or location that your group refers to. If you don’t, we will upload one.
      --> Tip: You can use pictures that you took, or free photos from Unsplash.com.

    If you don’t respect these rules (or at least try to), we will keep deleting any duplicate and/or non-sense groups. We really want to keep the “Groups” section clear and comfortable for everyone.

    Thank you for understanding & enjoy!

    UPDATE: For the reasons mentioned above, we have recently disabled the option to create new groups.

    If you want to create a new group, please let me know its purpose and the title, and I will create it for you (or not). :)

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