• RE: rain accumulation says "no data"

    Same here in Brazil... We need this information to address the demands caused by the floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. 39db6bef-d8b2-4343-ac74-4589271567c4-image.png

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  • RE: The Speed of Sound Thunder Ring is Missing

    @Ondřej-Šutera thanks for letting me know. Too bad it is gone. The ring was very accurate. We have many thunderstorms where I live and seeing the rings expand and then hearing the thunder exactly when the ring reached my location was very special. For those that live in areas that do not have lightning, this feature probably can not be truly appreciated.

    In fact, at the high school where I worked, I would show students this feature during a storm to show them the speed of sound. They were amazed that the sound of thunder matched the arrival of the expanding ring.

    Thanks to everyone for making Windy the best weather resource without any advertisements. Just the weather.

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  • The Speed of Sound Thunder Ring is Missing

    Until recently there was an expanding ring on the map after a lighting strike. The ring would expand outwards from the location of the lighting strike and then fade away. I figured out it was the speed of sound and think it is one of the finest features at Windy! It was very, very accurate! When the ring would pass over my house that is the exact moment I would hear the thunder. I figured the ring was expanding at the speed of sound. What a great feature! How do I toggle that or find it again or is it gone? I know the ring is only visible if zoomed in on the map but I can no longer find it. Thank you.

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