• RE: MetoBlue wildly inaccurate in the SW usa

    I am from Europe and I must confirm that in Europe and mostly in Alps, Meteoblue has no competition regrading temperatures or wind.

    As of clouds and precipitation ECMWF is leader

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  • RE: MetoBlue wildly inaccurate in the SW usa

    @meteoblue So happy to have Meteoblue in our community. Welcome!!!!

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  • RE: Saving layer selection

    You mean you favourites layers? This must be bug.

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  • RE: Windy launches Satellite layer

    @HavalarinSesi Thank you for your feedback! In our survey much more people voted for the rainbow palette so we put it back.

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  • RE: Windy launches Satellite layer

    @koko_a Hi, thank you for your feedback! This is a compromise solution. We moved the line because of hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean - they were often split. So now whole ocean is covered by one Goes satellite. I admit that the resolution is slightly worse near its eastern edge. We are thinking also about single satellite mode, so you would be able to choose just one satellite that you want to see.

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  • RE: Iso lines + radar

    @Evil Isolines should disappear, because it is forecast for "some hour in future". Radar is history. So we decided to turn them off when you change to radar.

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  • RE: Cloudbase & Meteograms

    @Edgington Hi, this is probably because of different calculation of both values.
    Cloud base is directly taken from ECMWF parameter called "ceiling". It is height (above model orography i.e. AGL) of cloud layer covering more than 50% of the sky. It estimates height where you can expect "significant clouds". Detailed description is here: https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/FCST/43r1+new+parameters%3A+Ceiling
    On the other side the grey meteogram is calculated from relative humidity. It can be explained as a distribution of water in the atmosphere. The height in the meteogram is in pressure levels. km/ft values are only rough estimation and they are AMSL. I admit that this can be confusing.
    Possible explanation of the difference: There could be signigicant humidity (almost 100%), so there are drawn clouds in meteogram, but the cloud coverage according to ECMWF is less than 50%, so the ceiling is considered to be higher.
    In such strange case it is better to look also in cloud maps, which can give you better overview. However, if the location is in the mountains then the values can be misleading, because model orography is very rough.

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  • Windy joins forces with Webcams.travel

    Jörg Eugster is a visionary man from Switzerland. He had this brilliant idea of aggregating weather outdoor webcams. Switzerland is mountain country, with specific weather phenomena in each valley, and therefore checking webcam before trip become important part of any travel planning. Jorg founded webcams.travel website in 2007 and later on in 2013 sleek and modern lookr.com. Both websites gained its momentum soon and whoever wanted to go skiing in Alps, got in touch with webcams.travel.

    We, at Windy, also believe, that checking weather webcam is necessary part of each adventure.

    And we, at Windy, are committed to provide better and better service for people like myself. For pilots, kiters, adventurers, mountaineers and all the souls, who are rather outside, than inside the shopping mall.

    But not only that. We, at Windy believe, that checking outdoor webcams, before your adventure, for example before your flight with small plane, can significantly increase level of your safety.

    So after I have checked that weather is good on webcams, even in mountains, I have flown from Prague to Switzerland with small helicopter, to meet Jorg personally.

    I love to talk with clever people, so together with Jorg, we have immediately found common ground and later on we have agreed to merge all three projects (Windy.com, webcams.travel and lookr.com) together.

    desc: Jorg Euster, founder of Webcams.travel and Tomas Zamecnik, director of Windy

    Ingo Oppermann, main programmer of webcams.travel and lookr.com worked on both projects since 2007. He developed both websites, but not only that. He was able to manage all the technical stack by himself. And he did excellent job. Both websites runned smooth and fast, and webcams API that they provided was able to serve billions of requests with minimal delay. This is just called Swiss service.

    But since we want to actually merge projects together we had to abandon this legacy codes and convert it to the latest technology stack. And we are happy that Ingo helped us a lot to do this difficult job, not to mention a lot of Swiss chocolate he brought us to Prague. It took several months of hard work, but Ingo, Martin, Filip, Marek and David later on did really great job. But most of the work was done by Jan (snowkiter and VAKE 2019 winner) who coordinated it all.

    Our main goal is to increase amount of webcams in our database and also provide webcam pictures in a little bit more convenient format without advertisement and tracking cookie. As of now, both websites (webcams.travel, lookr.com) should be redirected to Windy.com/webcams so you can see yourself, if you like how we merged all projects together.

    desc:Webcams.travel - left - will is fully integrated into windy - right

    Webcams API

    webcams.travel provided popular API to developers so they can integrate their webcams to their website.

    We have full commitment to continue providing webcams API to other websites and developers, and we will not restrict anyone.

    Of course there will be changes in the API, like new conditions, API endpoints, change of API authorisation and also output JSON format will also slightly changed.

    All the changes will be announced in timely manner so developers will have time to adjust their services. Therefore please watch Webcams API category of our Community to stay informed in advance.

    Further info about Windy Webcams

    Enjoy new webcams on Windy and stay safe


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  • If you use Webcams API please watch this category

    All announcements and changes regarding Webcams API will go to this category.

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