• RE: Windy joined forces with CzechGlobe to forecast global drought

    This has been much needed on Windy and I personally applaud all of you. It was once possible to read the weather and seasons but things have shifted, making knowing when to plant, when to water or not and what to plant, practically impossible to figure out. We still rely on our own source of vegetables, nuts, and fruits for survival but when should we assist our lone peach tree with water is something we have been trying to figure out. This will help. Also, seeing relationships between everything on Windy, including windmill noise, enables us to create some pretty strong theories for ourselves about what is creating what appears to be weather gone mad. Thank you!

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  • Regarding addition of Brightness temperature

    I would like to request to make the availability of animation of a brightness temperature option that would indicate the presence of cold and deep clouds.

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  • RE: Windy 3D mode is back!

    Soy un aficionado a los pronósticos y hago los míos y gracias por esta fabulosa herramienta. Espero no sea tan fuerte como refleja la herramienta Windy. Suerte Dios te cuide.

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  • RE: Fronts

    @idefix37 temperatures. temperature patterns. jet stream. jet stream follow ups / outs / stuff whatever turns up. what I mean is they have those lines with contour numbers on them of Goddamnit and if it's below a certain number it snows especially on high ground. This indicates some type of warm front may have suddenly turned up and caused the frozen rain to snow. for eg. so that's it - weather patterns show where the fronts might be and where they are colliding and scrapping/fighting with each other, so stuff like that. That was it - clouds. Check out the cloud cover because they are sometimes at the front of the fronts as it were and tailing off at the tails. Dunno for sure.

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  • RE: Windy 3D mode is back!

    I really LOVE the new 3D Mode, please keep it !!!

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  • Southern Brazil orange alert | Alerta laranja no sul do Brasil

    In English: Today this afternoon of May 29, 2021, the residents of southern Brazil received a communication via SMS from the National Defense informing that we are on orange alert for very heavy rains containing gusts of winds of 60 to 100 kilometers per hour, it may contain hail and many lightning strikes. The recommendation is that everyone get away from places with lots of trees and seek shelter immediately! National Defense Communiqué issued at 22:00 with a duration of 6 hours. Stay informed on this update topic in this storm's alerts!

    Em Português: Hoje nesta tarde do dia 29/05/2021, os moradores do sul do Brasil receberam uma comunicado via SMS da Defesa Nacional informando que estamos sobre alerta laranja por chuvas muito intensas contendo rajadas de ventos de 60 a 100 quilômetros por hora, podendo conter granizo e muitos relâmpagos. A recomendação é que todos saiam de perto de lugares com muitas árvores e procurem abrigo imediatamente! Comunicado da Defesa Nacional emitido ás 22:00 tendo a duração de 6 horas. Mantenham-se informados por esse tópico sobre atualização nos alertas desta tempestade!

    May God bless the south of Brazil!
    Que Deus abençoe o sul do Brasil!

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  • RE: Hello

    Yes same

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  • Weather Radar Bug in Bangladesh

    Hi Windy Team,

    Can you please review the weather radar for Bangladesh? I think there is a bug. See below.signal-2021-05-03-103556.jpeg

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  • RE: Aktuelle Wetterlage in Deutschland

    na ja jetzt weist du , wo Schnee und Eis ist.
    Dass hat im April gelandet :))

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  • RE: Your animations

    To download this video just click with right mouse button on this link and select "Save link as..."

    This video is licenced under Creative Commons licence (CC-BY 3) and can be used/modified freely in any possible way. Just mention Windy.com

    Create your own animation at https://www.windy.com/animate

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