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  • RE: ice map

    Hi @yaar_davydson , thanks for your suggestion. We have noted this idea in our backlog, however, it's not our priority at the moment.

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  • Global Lightning Forecast by ECMWF on

    Back in July 2018, was the 1st weather app to deliver global lightning density forecast in combination with rain forecast. Windy integrates flash lightning forecast data by ECMWF into the 'Rain, snow' 10-day forecast by ECMWF, including all the visualizations and interactions that Windy can do. Also, for better clarification the lightning density has been added as a separate Thunderstorm layer. With this unprecedented innovation, no storm will hit you unprepared!

    photo:;link:,29.688,29.971,3;licence: cc;desc: Rain, thunder on;

    At any given moment, approximately 2,000 thunderstorms occur on the Earth's surface, triggering 100 lightning strikes in every single second. No doubt, lightning is one of the most spectacular meteorological phenomena. Lightning can affect the environment, and our everyday life. According to estimates, lightning kills over 20,000 people and injures another 240,000 every year. Lightning is responsible for many wildfires around the world each year, killing livestock caught out in the open, disrupting air traffic, damaging buildings, or causing power supply outages.

    The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has developed global predictions of lightning flash density with great accuracy when compared to existing measurements. Moreover, unlike other lightning forecasting projects, this one is run globally – which makes it the first of its kind. There are several local projects that predict severe weather (ESTOFEX in Europe, or Convective Outlook by NOAA in the United States). is proud to be the first to visualize lightning forecasts to the wider public for free.

    Director of Forecasts at ECMWF Florian Pappenberger said: “We are delighted that is making this innovative product available to its users through its impressive visualisations. Although it is not possible to predict individual lightning strikes, forecasts for average lightning activity can have useful skill up to several days ahead. This is because the atmospheric conditions that cause lightning are routinely predicted by today’s powerful numerical weather prediction models.”

    Please help:

    This thunderstorm forecast can save lives, but we need to spread the word about it. If you are a journalist, please promote information about this service. Windy is free, without ads, and we just want to help others.

    Download Press Release

    photo:;link:,29.688,29.971,3;licence: cc;desc: Rain, thunder on

    photo:;link:,29.688,29.971,3;licence: cc;desc: Rain, thunder on

    Stay safe and let us know how you like it!

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  • RE: Option to add lightning to ANY layer (ex.: streamlines & wind)

    Hi @accuwx , depends on whether you mean lightning as a forecast (which is a product based on data from ECMWF), OR real-time lightning strikes (looking into the latest past based on data from Blitzortung; on the same map layer as weather radar). It is NOT technically possible to blend forecasts with the past.

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  • RE: Language cannot be set for widget

    Hi @mmarketing , then you need to set your whole phone to English. Units are selected according to your app settings, while the language is controlled by the general settings of your mobile phone.

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  • RE: zoom function

    Hi @Hansvg8430, you can zoom in/out using your fingers. There are no +/- buttons to tap in the mobile version (they're only in the computer version).

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  • RE: Saving favorites

    Hello, thanks a lot for your reports. I can confirm this bug, we are working on fixing it.


    1. Search a location via search box. (You can either type the whole name of the location, or use the whisperer + arrows + Enter.)
    2. Click the love-heart icon next to the search box: "Add to Favorites".
    3. Check the list of your Favorites. The spot has NOT been saved in there.

    However, if you try saving the same location by clicking the location label directly on the map >> clicking the love-heart icon, the location will be saved into your Favorites.

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  • RE: Airport identification

    Hi @rafa_cr33, thank you for letting us know. However, it's not a mistake on Windy. We use as the source of airports; could you please change it in the database yourself?

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