• RE: Weather radar

    @gavsta40 same here! Super annoying...

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  • RE: Tide Forecast on Windy

    I use a widget on a fishing report I manage that sounds like exactly what you are after.
    You can drag the circle along the graph to to see exact times and wave heights.

    I've asked before for a graph style tide graph but it never got much traction. It's hard to understand as their wind graph is the best in the business so I know they understand the importance of a visual graph vs printed data. Hopefully more people will chime in.


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  • Auto logout

    New update is sometimes automatically logout.

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  • RE: Tide Forecast on Windy


    "There is no reason to keep ‘feet’ as first unit as there are very few countries using it for tides.

    I would think amount of users would be more important the amount of countries in that respect. What I don't understand is why it just can't be set as a preference in settings like most other units? Then everybody wins. Right?

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  • RE: Tide Forecast on Windy

    This is a couple years after my first post to this thread and I still find myself using other apps to check the tides. (Ones with graphs) First of all it's quicker unless I keep my tides layer active, and it's just easier to read.

    You can absolutely discern the information you need from how the information is presented in Windy, but it's so much easier to consume and see the entire picture when it's plotted over time and height. You can quickly spot aberrations at a glance instead of having to read text. One of the very best things about Windy is the colored wind bar/graph. I only wish the same could be applied to other data as well.

    It could be one of the "Display as:" options that launch other graphs that Windy already uses. (Wave, WInd, Meteor., etc...)

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  • Percip/Temp Widget

    I keep 3 Windy widgets on my home screen, but I still have to use another app to get a clear view of the temperature and precipitation trends. No matter how hard I try to read the little cloud and rain droplet icons, my mind doesn't lock in the same way it does with a graph.

    The winds are graphed by colors so you can instantly notice the subtle changes and trends, but you don't get the same precision by looking at icons that you would with a graph. I realize that the app is called Windy for a reason, but I don't see why it couldn't highlight other data as well in optional widgets. I would certainly love to only keep a single weather app. The information is in there already, just not in an easy accessible way.

    Thanks as always for the great app, and your consideration.


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  • Radar Widget Opens Radar in App

    I would love to see an option for widgets to open the app to the view you want. (ie...the radar widget opens to weather radar view in the app)

    I live in a hostile weather area and keep 3 windy widgets on my home screen. One of those widgets is the radar view, but I hate having to navigate around in the app to bring up the full view in the app. It would be extremely handy to be able to tell each widget what view to open inside the app so people can get to the information they need quickly.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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  • Wind gusts

    What is different wind speed vs wind gusts speed

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  • How do I share data from my Bloomsky/Storm

    I can't figure this out. Can anyone help a brother out?

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