• RE: Android Notification using wrong units

    Hi @Ondřej-Šutera, and thanks for the reply.
    I realized when checking back here that I didn't have email notifications set up, so I never realized I had a reply.

    Here are the notification setting from both the app itself, and from Android.
    alt text

    I use multiple widgets, which I'm guessing accounts for the redundant Android notifications?
    Either way, I have not been receiving my daily notification in my notification drawer, so I just enabled the second setting in the Android settings.

    I'd just like to get that notification back, using imperial units, and be able to decipher the color scheme so I know what I'm looking at.


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  • Android Notification using wrong units

    I'm still uncertain what conditions trigger the notification to show in my drop-down notification area, but when it does, it is not using the imperial units that I have set in the application.

    If I click on the notification to launch Windy, all units are imperial as would be expected.

    Also, I'm curious if there is more information on configuring this more. I remember there used to be two notifications that "lived" in my drop-down list. I had disabled one of them so there was one one left, but now that one has disappeared without my intervention. When I clicked on the one I'm speaking about this morning, it was then removed from my notifications. Can I make it so that one is always in my drop-down like it used to be?

    I'm also interested in how to read/decipher the the colors and shapes that back the notification. It seemed to be a purplish color with a shape that didn't mean much to me. I'm locked in on the colors for wind, but these colors don't mean a lot to me.


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  • RE: Zoom in/out Mac OS app does not work

    @Ondřej-Šutera Thanks
    ! Would be greatly appreciated and appreciate any/all the work you guys do. Top notch product you guys offer, so keep it up!

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  • RE: New version is terrible

    It's so disappointing that the response from the team at Windy is generally, "you don't like it? Too bad, you will come to like it because this is how it is now." Talk about lacking understanding of your user base... I wish more than anything that I could go back to the previous version...

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  • RE: Windy 39 is here. Learn how to masterclass new features

    As I have stated previously, I love the amount of effort the team puts in to make this the best weather app on the market. However, the latest updates seems to be simply for the sake of change and not because it added any real measurable value (at least, that seems to be the consensus of a large percentage of the user base).

    I think making so many dramatic changes to a UI that was (in my humble opinion as a former UX/UI designer) nearly perfect as it was, is a bit too much all at once. It's never a good idea to make a change then try to foist it upon the users because you, as the designer/developer, say that it's better. You can't know for certain if some change or update is going to be better until you put it in the hands of your users and test it in real time. After the latest update, the sentiment seems pretty clear that most of us are not in favor of the update. The ideas behind the changes seem sound, but the execution wasn't what I've come to expect from Windy.

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  • Most recent update is isn't...

    The most recent mobile update made the app far less intuitive. The menu now shows a bunch of layer thumbnails (many of which looks similar) with small text that isn't easy to see at a glance. It also seems redundant to pin selected layers to the top of the main layer menu and also include a new menu that shows only pinned layers, which clutters up the UI without adding any additional benefit or functionality. When viewing the forecast for a location, it seems odd to place the forecast models in one submenu then the compare forecasts option in a different submenu. The weather picker crosshair menu at the top slides left/right a negligible amount, and it positions the right-most option directly behind the red X button. This feels like a mistake instead of a design choice. I appreciate that you guys are always working to improve things but it almost feels like this update made the app more... cartoony and less professional. All in all it seems much less refined and I have to click around way more to access most of the functionality that is most important. What really gets me, is that with all the backlash over the lastest update the response from the team at Windy seems to be mostly along the lines of "bummer, guess you'll have to get used to it."

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  • Hurricane tracker improvement

    I'd like to say that I love the constant improvements to the app. It just keeps getting better and better. 🙏

    There are a couple of things I thought could make it even better.

    The first is that when you open the hurricane tracker that the view would be zoomed to a level that includes your currently selected location. That way you can easily see how it relates to you without excessive zooming out and trying to find where it is. Maybe then add a quick way to zoom into the view that opens now.

    Also, I've posted before, but I'd still love to see a visual graph instead of a list of numbers for the tides. After using visual graphs in my other dedicated tide apps over the years, I just can't get the same feel of the data by looking at a list of numbers. Windy has always been a very visual app, and I hope you'll consider applying that same design philosophy to your tide data.


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  • Can’t log into Windy account on laptop.

    I set up my Windy premium account on my iphone. Using my laptop it won’t let me log into Windy premium. Any suggestions?

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  • RE: Video of hurricane Ian

    I agree with that.

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  • RE: Why does the 3D feature not work for me

    @korina Unfortunately no effect

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