• RE: meteograms underreport convective activity like thunderstorms

    what @wetterheidi reported is a bona-fide bug: your app is trying to predict convective activity using the ICON* models, and reproducibly fails to do so

    I consider this misprediction actually a safety issue since it fails to predict dangerous situations while it actually could - and that has happened to, and was observed by several people. To me, two days ago.

    A prudent responses would have been "we will look into this and try to reproduce", "can we have more examples to figure what exactly is going on" or "how could we improve this"

    to be candid @Suty : a "generic" repsonse (and that is a kind characterisation) like yours to such an issue is verging on the irresponsible - we are not talking about a typo; for instance, basing a flight decision on such a forecast is a recipe for trouble.

    I wish you understood that, and you obviously dont.

    To the other folk reading this thread and scratching their heads what is going on, please try the following to reproduce:

    if you have a gut feeling there could be significant convective activity the same day:

    • observe meteograms for ECMWF, GFS, METEOBLUE and any applicable ICON* model
    • take screenshots of same
    • record radar/precip/lightning activity
    • then evaluate which of the meteograms actually reflected reality

    You guys should take this issue serious.

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  • please advise: line with draggable ends?

    I want to extend the Foehn and Bise example plugin as an exercise to work along any two points - not just Zurich and Lugano

    for that I need two points (ie markers) on the map with a line draw between them; line follows if end markers moved - exactly what Leaflet.DraggableLines does (demo)

    however, this is pretty much already in "Distance and Planning":

    cf4ffa26-cc68-4385-b2f2-cbb2e09c8d2d-Pasted Graphic.png

    Could anyone point me to an example how this is done with the current Windy Leaflet version? none of the public examples I perused do anything like that

    Is there a list of "blessed" already-used Leaflet plugins I can safely reuse?

    thanks in advance

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  • notes on getting the plugin examples to work

    certified js/web idiot here.

    I wrote up some notes on getting the plugin examples to work on MacOS/Chrome


    happy to add hints for other platforms and browsers

    if there's a warm place for such stuff on https://docs.windy-plugins.com/getting-started/ - happy to make it into a PR

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  • RE: Add slider for altitude on weather data

    See my feedback suggestion: https://community.windy.com/topic/32436/new-position-of-altitude-slider-very-bad?_=1715153249984

    I've already mentioned the bad position of the altitude sllider.


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  • How do I see a full list of files in Upload tool?

    When I go there to find the Eclipse uploads, only a few of the most recent files show - and none of these are Eclipse files. I do not see how to open the file section for full viewing.

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  • RE: Overlay for April 8 total solar eclipse

    @idefix37 Android phones do have ability to go to the desktop in Chrome browser. Perhaps this is an alternative for in the field for you?

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  • video: How to interpret SkewT charts


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  • RE: We will give windy-plugins one more try

    Thanks wery much...

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  • RE: We are sorry, but windy-plugins are no longer mainatainable

    from a technical perspective I actually agree with your decision to deprecate plugins in their current form.

    Sometimes technical developments invalidate past decisions, and that seems to be one of those cases.

    Let me also remark that the 'tens of users' numbers you cited seem deceiving, as can be seen by the reaction in this forum. There is a rather simple explanation for this in the trajectory case:

    Trajectories mostly are run, downloaded as GPX, and made into a shareable link with https://gpsvisualizer.com to bring this into presentable and permanent form. That link is then shared by Whatsapp, mail, social media and whatnot like so: https://static.mah.priv.at/cors/example.html . Those links routinely get dozens of clicks, sometimes in the hundreds at a large event. I know because I host those links.

    That said, plugins are API's, and API's are promises - something users and developers rely on to be upheld. If you are about to break that promise, then I would suggest in the minimum a migration path be offered to not leave users without functionality they relied on - of course assuming you want to retain those users.

    I do not see much of a migration path being offered in your post.

    Let me therefore outline options, first from a Windy perspective.

    (1) you go ahead and drop plugins wholesale, without replacement option as you announced.
    (2) you take the minimum required functionality of the trajectory plugin, transplant it to your backend and add that as a standard layer in the frontend.
    (3) you drop trajectories altogether, but you make the Point Forecast API to support all weather models - the current functional set is unsuitable.

    The minimum required functionality IMO is:

    • a set of forecast models
    • a set of altitudes
    • duration of flight
    • forward/backward option
    • path download option.

    Everything else which is not essential, not important to be configurable, low usage to start with or can be had differently can go or replaced by fixed parameters: Airspaces, interval times, ascent/descent simulation etc.

    While I hesitate to call this effort 'trivial', it is not particularly complicated either.

    Now, speaking for my community, I envisage the following outcomes:

    as for (1), you will likely see a mass defection to Meteoblue, and I am certainly prepared to get in touch with Meteoblue and communicate our needs more clearly.

    If this were the outcome, I would pursue - in parallel - a homegrown solution the same way the radiosonde effort started fairly soon, and there is existing work to give us a headstart.
    While more work for us it would also enable us to be more fit for our purpose, for instance finer altitude resolution. Since I am aware of, and in touch with a part of the European Defense community (paratroopers)
    I envisage a possible cooperation and maybe even ongoing funding option for such an effort.

    (2) would IMO be the best option for Windy: it gives you a free hand to develop the frontend, it is functionally a superset as to what Meteoblue and others offers and you both gain a competitive feature while lowering your maintenance load.

    (2) would also be best for the ballooning community, as we get a stable function and on mobiles.

    (3) would be tedious for us as we need to build a replacement service based on an improved Point Forecast API, and we would still have to trust that this API promise not to be broken again - which, as things stand - I am uneasy with.

    However, it would enable you to pursue business opportunities as mentioned which seem to be off the radar as of now. Those opportunities exist - see DarkSky, but pursuing them needs a significant effort on your part on the API front.

    My recommendation is option (2).

    Your call.

    Michael Haberler

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  • RE: We are sorry, but windy-plugins are no longer mainatainable

    Dear Windy Team,
    I am a Hail defensive pilot - the head of the cloud seeding project in Slovenia and a balloon pilot.
    I work with wind trajectories for long distance balloon flights and tactical planning for cloud sitting activities.
    In other forecasting software systems, there is no comparable tool available or it is very unreliable.
    It would be a shame if the trajectories no longer worked, as this would mean a lot of problems for us when planning our activities.
    So please keep at least this plugin on the front end.

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