• RE: Level - is this above MSL or above the selected point ?

    When you select an altitude associated with a map, it is always versus see level, not versus your location. The 0 is the see level. If you live in a place at 1000m and you check a map at your location at 2000m, it will be 2000m above see level or 1000m above your location

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  • RE: Ambient WiFi to Windy

    Every online service seems to have their own set protocol to upload data with. The hardware/software that you use is what determines where it can upload to. Your station was only seemingly designed to upload to WU and to Ambientweather.net. But there is something you can do.

    There is an individual very nice person not affiliated with Ambient that started a free online service. His name is Dan. He runs AmbientCWOP.com and his service can be configured to pick up your station data from Ambientweather.net and send it to your own CWOP station ID. Then you are done and your data will show up on Windy. This is because Windy picks up and shows stations that upload to CWOP. What you need to do is sign up for a CWOP station ID. Then you configure your free AmbientCWOP.com account and configure it to pick up your Ambientweahter.net data and send it to your CWOP ID.

    WS-1001-WiFi --> Ambientweather.net --> AmbientCWOP.com ---> CWOP --> MADIS --> Windy

    (you don't have to configure the CWOP to MADIS link nor the MADIS to Windy link as these happen automatically).

    There is something else you can do if you want to cut all the middle stuff out. After all you'd be relying on all those links and things often go down. Therefore here is another solution how you can upload directly to Windy.com...You buy an Ecowitt GW1000 gateway device. This is compatible with your outdoor weather sensor array from Ambient. Then you can interface the GW1000 with any of the following software and any of these software are capable of uploading directly to Windy.com. These are; Cumulus MX, Meteobridge, Weather-Display, and WeeWX. The Meteobridge is its own little devide that you can buy from Ambient. The other software you can download and run on any spare computer or even a Raspberry Pi. Remember any of these 4 software require the Ecowitt GW1000 that you must get from Amazon US or directly from Ecowitt and specify 915 MHz. If you buy the Ecowitt GW1000 from Amazon US then you don't need to specify the 915 MHz version because that is the only one that is sold for the US. You'll be able to send your data to many more places than just Windy if you invest in these expansion to your weather station. This investment in will likely work for a new weather station if you decided to replace it with a newer Ambient station or with a complete new Ecowitt station. The Meteobridge and software will also work with many other brands if you decided to change to a Davis station. I'm mentioning this because it is a worthy investment.

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  • RE: Weather station confusion - be patient with me

    As long as you keep using WeatherCat then the answer is no, you can't upload directly to Windy.com because the Windy.com upload protocol is different than WU. But all is not lost. You can upload to CWOP with WeatherCat and the good news is that Windy pulls in stations that upload to CWOP.

    There is of course another way without giving up on WeatherCat. The Davis logger that you are using (your connection from the station to WeatherCat system) is tied up. But you could always get a second logger and you can get a logger without a display console that works by itself. If you added the Davis WeatherLink Live device then some other software can see the data from your Davis station. The Davis WeatherLink Live device picks up your sensors directly just as you current display console does. Then the Davis WeatherLink Live device can make the live data that it gets available to some other weather program that supports direct Windy uploads. Such software that can connect with the Davis WeatherLink Live device are; Cumulus MX, Meteobridge, and Weather-Display. Granted those don't all run on Mac. But making sense of these additional choices you could run Cumulus MX or Weather-Display on a Raspberry Pi, cheap, small, no noise if using a Flirc case, and reliable. You could also get a Meteobridge device that is equally capable. The Meteobridge (standard version) will require the WeatherLink device to get data as will whatever system you set up to run Cumulus MX or Weather-Display. As you can see there are many options to go by to expand with. Sure any one of these options may be a bit much just to upload to Windy.com. But having these software will allow you to upload a many other places that WeatherCat currently doesn't upload to. I encourage you to consider running some of these other options and their benefits.

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  • RE: PWS Name versus ID Number

    @redbellyacres said in PWS Name versus ID Number:


    You change the name of a saved favorite to anything you want. You can see in the browser address bar the actual address that you reached. You can also see the station name in the map overlap box the moves as you mouse over the timeline.

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  • RE: Sending data from Ecowitt weather station

    "Customized" server upload on your console is not compatible with Windy protocol.

    If you don't want to have your computer running 24/7 to upload to Windy, then I recommend either investing in a Raspberry Pi which is very small (run headless), almost no power use, economical, quiet if you get the Flirc case, and very reliable. It can run Cumulus MX.

    If that doesn't suit you then you could also get a Meteobridge as that too is small, is quiet, reliable but it is a bit more costly, although it is very powerful.

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  • Wind gusts in wind diagram not shown all the time

    It seems gusts are not shown if the difference with average wind is more than x? kts.
    Also time is 1 hr offset.
    ![0_1596522063156_3e9c0914-9789-4350-919b-8b1b1be4c6db-εικόνα.png](Uploading 100%)

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  • RE: New Windy Premium

    Καπετάν- Γιώργη.
    Δοκιμάστε να ενεργοποιήσετε την ένδειξη 1-hr forecast.

    Επίσης δείτε

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  • RE: Default Pressure Color Scheme Is Confusing

    Windy allows you to change the colours and define the scale as you wish and according to your préférences, for many different maps, pressure, temperature,...

    There are a lot of good posts on this community explaining how to do it :

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  • RE: Mars 2020 Perseverance rover ...


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  • RE: Hourly rain does not show 3 hour rain

    Yes, @idefix37 is right, below 0.4-0.5mm of rain, you can even not notice it,...

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