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NAVARLIK Radio Emergencias Navarra

Navarlik es una organización sin fines de lucro que está compuesta en su
totalidad por radioaficionados.

  • RE: Cyclone Nisarga weakens into a deep depression

    Hola algun grupo TELEGRAM?

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  • RE: Wind animation is not working

    @tomb5 Are you on Android 6? What device?

    Only ECMWF and GFS are global. NAM is for the USA only. NEMS (EU) does not provide data for the 'Pressure' layer.

    When you're on ICON (EU) and move towards the Pacific Ocean or elsewhere outside of Europe, the ICON model should smoothly switch to another model (most likely ECMWF). Still talking about the 'Pressure' layer.

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  • RE: Wind animation is not working

    Hi @tomb5 , thanks for your report with screenshots. On what forecast model does it happen? Only ECMWF or GFS as well?

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  • RE: ICON model weather forecast missing hour

    EDIT (July 11th) – What is currently missing:

    • ICON: 4th day
    • GFS: 5th day (USA) ; 6th day (Europe + some parts of USA)
    • Wavewatch: 5th day (e.g. Atlantic) ; 6th day (can not replicate it now)

    --> Different data are missing in different locations – depending on the time zones.

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  • RE: Congratulations

    Hi @michael-2 , thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback, we always love to receive this type of messages. :) Happy travels!

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  • RE: Widgets doesn't work

    Hi @Rabbagast, please give us more info HERE, thank you!

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