• RE: Plugin housekeeping

    Alright, I see your points.

    (1) That makes sense, but maybe the module could have a simple logic that checks if an older version is already enabled and disables that one, so the newest version that is a dependency of any installed plugin is used.

    (2) Right, but that doesn't include the possibility to keep the svg together with another plugin. Ideally, I would like to have a function onOtherPluginUsesPicker() that is called before another plugin wants to draw something at the picker; triggered by that plugin calling plugin_coordinator.usePicker(). Also, a parameter with the other Plugins name would make sense in these callbacks so you can whitelist other plugins that are compatible.

    (4) Cleaning up the csv is a bit annoying. I still think that having a module for standard plugin csv stuff (windy object z-levels, bottom panes on mobile etc.) would make sense and simplify plugin development.

    I'll take a look at the module code tomorrow again and maybe try out some of these things myself :)

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  • RE: Plugin housekeeping

    Seems like good idea.

    A few things to consider:

    • The fact that the plugin version has to be specified is a bit annoying as it would require new plugin versions every time this module is updated. Also, if I understand the code correctly it is not loaded again once it is loaded once (irrespective of version) so if one plugin loads an old version and then another plugin requires something from a newer version, it would break.
    • It would be good to have a standard way to close/disable a plugin other than just closing the pane. In my case in the sun-position plugin, it would be good to be able to keep the dial at the picker open while the pane is closed. However, you should still be able to close it somehow...
    • A minor bug: On mobile, the load button is grayed out but still says "Load" instant of "Loaded"

    I think it is a good idea to have a community-driven module that handles these things (whether included in windy directly or as dependencies of other plugins). It could also include some CSS changes needed on windy stuff so that plugins are less likely to interfere with each other. For example, my sun-position plugin includes

    #device-mobile #bottom {
    	z-index: 2; // makes timeline appear on top of the pane in mobile

    to make sure the timeline is in front of the bottom pane on mobile. Other plugins with fullscreen panes might want to be displayed in front of the timeline, so having a fixed z-index everyone can count on (that is larger than 0) would be good. I am sure other plugins have some of these "hacky" things as well...

    As a final note, could you put these modules into their own GitHub repo? That would make cooperation on additional features easier. (And having them in a fork of windy-plugins doesn't quite make sense.)

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  • RE: Innacurate Wind in Firefox

    @ascom said in Innacurate Wind in Firefox:

    I've been experiencing this issue too in Firefox with all of your steps above, but with a typical sRGB monitor (Dell U2415). This seems like quite a messy issue; I'm filing a bug report with Mozilla.

    Did you wind up filing this bug report?


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  • RE: What would you classify as a "severe" storm?

    And flashes, can be considered severe storm when flash appear on short interval?

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  • RE: Windy launches Satellite layer

    LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! It's been amazing to track the Australian bushfires and their associated self generating weather patterns. As tragic as these events are for us here down under, it has been very useful. It is my go to weather site and is so much more accurate than our Government's Bureau of Meteorology. They treat the public like children. You should all be highly commended for your work. Thanks everyone :)

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  • RE: Your map uploads

    ... ich kann hier zwar antworten, aber als Ersteller konnte ich leider keine Text - Infos dazugeben.
    Ich möchte zu meinem Upload gern kurz informieren:
    Das ist ein Upload unserer kml-Routen die wir seit 2009 auf dem Portal www.wikiloc.com posten.

    Hierin sind die schönsten Fotos von unseren Wanderungen in den Bergen und am Meer enthalten:

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  • RE: Would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?

    si por favor estaria muy agradecida en reibir alertas meorologicas d uds. en mi celular. muchas gracias

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  • RE: Would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?

    Two things that would be great for the alert system:

    • More layers. As a photographer I would like to get a notification when only high clouds (and no low or medium clouds) are present. Simply adding cloud-base as a condition would be great
    • Daylight dependent timing. It is currently a bit annoying to set an alert to only trigger during daytime as it is changing over the year. Also, a setting "at sunrise" and "at sunset" could be helpful.
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  • RE: Sun position plugin

    I've just released version 0.3.1 to fix the sidebar issue caused by windy changes.

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