• RE: Is the Arome model no longer available?

    I also prefer Arome 1.3, it is nailing the predictions on the Asturian coast, as long as Arome 1.3 does not return I will not renew the subscription

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  • RE: Prediction

    @idefix37 Thank you very much for the response, I had not noticed if they used aroma 1.3 and that's right, they use 1.3 and, by the way, they nail the prediction better than 2.5...

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  • Prediction

    Why is the prediction for a place in windy when you use, for example, AROME different from other apps? Shouldn't it be the same as in other apps?

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  • RE: Sun and moon position plugin (for photography)

    @welpixuae Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately there are multiple systems of Azimuth in use. The one I display is measured from south to the west. Changing to north to east could be an option. But some systems then switch this around on the southern hemisphere. So this isn't a straight forward issue.

    Altitude is the correct term for the angle between the sun and the horizontal plane, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizontal_coordinate_system.

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  • RE: Sun position plugin V2

    @davidkingham Thank you for the suggestion. The reason I haven't done that is that I also use the length of the line to indicate the altitude of the sun. Also, with very small zoom levels (i.e. when showing large parts of the earth), a straight line is a bit misleading.
    I would rather make the lines have a meaningful length, such as the ~100 miles you mentioned when showing low clouds.
    I can't promise when I'll get to it though.

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  • RE: Sun position plugin

    For anyone following this topic still: I've made a new post about the new version 2 of this plugin. You can find it at https://community.windy.com/topic/32647/sun-position-plugin-v2

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  • Sun position plugin V2

    A Windy plugin that shows sun and moon positions on the map and gives details about sunset and sunrise times as well as other sun and moon details. This is a full rewrite of version 1 to work with the new windy plugin api and includes a number of improvements.

    To use it on Desktop go to Menu -> Install Windy Plugin -> Sun and Moon position -> Install plugin. You can then access it by right-clicking on the map and selecting Sun Position. The plugin will stay available even after a reload. (Mobile TBD)

    Sun detail pane


    The dial displays the current sun and moon azimuth on the map using a black line from the picker position. Additionally, dashed lines show the azimuth of sunrise and sunset and dotted lines show the azimuth of moonrise and moonset.

    Detail pane

    The detail pane on the right shows current azimuth and altitude of the sun and moon and their rise and set times. It also shows the current sunlight condition (such as golden hour), and moon phase. Optionally, a timeline can be activated, that shows the timing of astronomical and nautical twilight, and blue and golden hour.

    The top of the pane shows a diagram of the sun and moon altitudes over the curse of the current day.


    See here for the changelog of version 1

    v2.0.0-alpha.8 (compared to v0.3.6)

    • Completely rewritten plugin for windy plugin api v2.
    • Using svelte to make plugin more modular
    • more compact design
    • the dial is no longer bound to the picker and can be moved independently
    • added weather information to the timeline
    • separate small mobile ui with 3 tabs
    • removed the option to hide specific parts of the timeline


    • support for radar and satellite timelines
    • fix bug when clicking on nadir time in timeline
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  • I do NOT like the new interface :-(

    I do NOT like the new interface - graphic symbols>no. Bring back the text interface please.

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  • RE: Option to turn off the 1 hour future prediction of the weather radar overlay

    @idefix37 I am aware, but I often like to quickly scrub back and forth on that timeline (it helps me see the overall movement of a storm), and it's kinda weird when I keep scrubbing over the red part, too, and even harder on mobile. I'd like for there to be a way to turn it off when I need to and have the whole timeline be what it used to be like before the red "prediction" bit.

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  • Option to turn off the 1 hour future prediction of the weather radar overlay

    Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to turn off the 1 hour future prediction (red part at the end) in the timeline of the weather radar overlay? I often don't find it as helpful/accurate, and it's a bit odd when trying to quickly scrub back and forth to see what the weather was like over time (both on mobile and desktop). I normally wouldn't mind the feature, but I really wish there was at least an option in the settings to disable it. If there is and I happened to miss the setting, where is it located?

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