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RC Airplane Pilots

I am interested in starting a group for RC Air and boat pilots can use and share stories and advice. I shared Windy to our club Facebook's page everyone loves it -

  • RE: Windy offers Sounding Forecast

    I like it. Great!!!

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  • RE: Widgets doesn't work

    Hi @Rabbagast, please give us more info HERE, thank you!

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  • RE: Help us to test new Weather Radar overlay

    Really good idea. Also for UAV operators Nice job!!!

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  • Suggestion: add LightPollutionMap to Windy

    It would be great to combine all the windy maps with a new layer of the amount of light in place.

    It's just a sugestion. Greetings.

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  • RE: Cameras posted in Your Feedback and Suggestions
  • RE: Altitude bar doesn't disappear / show correct values iOS 11.1.1.: Safari, iOS Windy App, iPhone 6 ; Android 7.0. Honor 9: Windy App, Chrome

    The same for Android 7.0 (Samsung Galaxy J3 2017) : Windy app, Chrome, Firefox (and Samsung Internet).

    Note: When I click on a different Forecast model, the bar slider moves a little bit, but the value of the altitude stays the same.

    Note 2: On Android - the Windy app & all browsers do remember the set-up altitude for 'Wind, Temperature, Dew Point and Humidity' (and also those other layers for which it should not remember & show).

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