• Chargepoints (Eectrical) Vs Gasstation (benzine etc)

    Can Windy add all chargepoints for Electrical cars?
    Not important will be the providor but availability Is important

    Next Add foto?
    Next providor?
    Next ...

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  • RE: Did anything change recently with left hand side handling ?

    I tis not about exlusive you have to set CSS class left-border

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  • How to set-up your Windy Stormchasing Station

    Thank you for joining our Windy Stormchasing Network.

    This is 2nd prototype of our station.


    Your station can be located on your roof, balcony or in your garden. Please do not locate the station close to some other electrical devices (like a fridge).

    It is NOT NECESSARY to put your station on the roof or hill, but proper grounding important is.

    Your station must be:

    • Connected to the Internet
    • Powered with 12V - 24V at least 1A
    • Properly grounded - very important

    You can connect your station via Wi-Fi or via PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable to Internet, which is most convenient method, since you do not need to configure anything and your station is powered and connected to Internet.

    If you opt for PoE you need to get Power over Ethernet Injector which is up to 20USD device (check on Amazon), but make sure your PoE Injector is IEEE 802.3af compliant, that means 48V. Some of cheap PoE devices give you just 15V. Ethernet cable should support DHCP. Remember that even the stations connected via PoE must be properly grounded.

    If you decide to use Wi-Fi just power the station. The station must blink red once and then should light blue (it takes some time to boot up). Blue light means, that station is not connected to the Internet and acts as its own Wi-Fi Access Point with SSID Blitzstation. Use password detector to log in and at the IP address you will find web Interface, to set-up your station. The set-up page should appear automatically on most of modern phones and laptops and I say again, it takes some time till page will appear.


    As soon as your station will be successfully connect to your Wi-Fi, it stops working as an Access Point and it should light green, from time to time.

    How to power the station
    If you use PoE, your station is powered up. In case of Wi-Fi we can provide you with 12V/1A power. There are many of other power sources, that will give you 12 to 24V, see Amazon offer..


    How to ground the station:
    Proper grounding is key to good signal. You can use lightning conductor, grounding pin of your electrical power socket or any metal construction, that is grounded will do the job.


    Color status codes:

    • BLUE - Station failed to connect to Wi-Fi and now works as Access Point
    • GREEN time to time - successfully connected to backend
    • RED blink - lightning was detected.
    • RED for few seconds - lightning was detected, but its info was not sent to backend yet (it is not error)
    • RED continuous blinking - a lot of thunderstorm activity, but can be also electrical interference or bad grounding

    How to see data from my station:

    Go to https://blitz.windy.com and find your own station.

    What next?

    Share your experience with us. Send us photo of your installation.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Bbary Mesic max dva

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  • Mathias Muller explains how the weather forecasted is


    Mathias D. Muller, founder of Swiss company Meteoblue (www.meteoblue.com) is my personal science hero. While enormous amounts of weather geeks remain in research, university or government, he was able to build successful weather company just from scratch. He has pioneered many weather innovations, that inspire weather industry, but mainly us. Like meteograms or multimodel.

    Meteoblue provides B2B services to companies worldwide, and their latest achievement are weather data, they provide to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    In this video Mathias explains how the weather forecasted is. But he also demonstrates, why small error in model initialization, can lead to huge uncertainties in weather forecasts.

    Although both companies Windy and Meteoblue compete in some aspect, I am proud to get to know Mathias personally. He is one of the brightest and nicest persons I have ever met.

    Enjoy the video


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  • RE: IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System

    It was just launched. We will see how the quality of the model will be.

    It is not about the model itself, resolution or supercomputer it uses. It is about initialization data, that make forecast model so good.


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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @castello-v Well you are very wrong about me. I am very careful driver, driving very slow and also very careful pilot flying safe.

    And concerning coronavirus, I do respect all restrictions, but I think the media buzz and social media hysteria just spread fear and does not help at all.

    BTW I have personally decided that one of my company will donate equivalent of 4 mil USD to help small Czech companies that were hit by the crisis. I do personally fly a small plane do distribute protective equipment to the hospitals.

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  • RE: Unable to select Meteoblue and Arome in Wind comparison

    Meteoblue is not NEMS. Those are two different datasets.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Kopansky Neni pravda, ze jsme tady diky prispevovatelum. Bohuzel v roce 2019 jsme vybrali pouze POLOVINU nasich nakladu. Je to sice velika pomoc, ale Windy je zde kvuli investorovi, ktery jeho provoz dlouhodobe dotuje.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Kopansky Vas prispevek se vztahoval k provozu v roce 2019. Vybrali jsme zhruba polovinu nasich nakladu. V roce 2020 mame naklady vyssi. Pokud mate Windy radi predpadte si Windy Premium.

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