• RE: Display weather detail in API

    Jase bojim ze v knihovne lib.js neni detail vubec uvazovan. Je to omezeny subset kodu.

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  • About Windy Maps (hiking offline map for iOS/Android)

    Windy Maps is Android and iOS app, that offer Worldwide offline hiking map, route planner and sport tracker.

    Developed by a Prague based company Seznam.cz it is backed by more than 15+ years of mapping know how, developed and maintained by tens of dedicated persons.


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  • RE: MetoBlue wildly inaccurate in the SW usa

    I am from Europe and I must confirm that in Europe and mostly in Alps, Meteoblue has no competition regrading temperatures or wind.

    As of clouds and precipitation ECMWF is leader

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  • RE: MetoBlue wildly inaccurate in the SW usa

    @meteoblue So happy to have Meteoblue in our community. Welcome!!!!

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  • RE: Saving layer selection

    You mean you favourites layers? This must be bug.

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  • Windy joins forces with Webcams.travel

    Jörg Eugster is a visionary man from Switzerland. He had this brilliant idea of aggregating weather outdoor webcams. Switzerland is mountain country, with specific weather phenomena in each valley, and therefore checking webcam before trip become important part of any travel planning. Jorg founded webcams.travel website in 2007 and later on in 2013 sleek and modern lookr.com. Both websites gained its momentum soon and whoever wanted to go skiing in Alps, got in touch with webcams.travel.

    We, at Windy, also believe, that checking weather webcam is necessary part of each adventure.

    And we, at Windy, are committed to provide better and better service for people like myself. For pilots, kiters, adventurers, mountaineers and all the souls, who are rather outside, than inside the shopping mall.

    But not only that. We, at Windy believe, that checking outdoor webcams, before your adventure, for example before your flight with small plane, can significantly increase level of your safety.

    So after I have checked that weather is good on webcams, even in mountains, I have flown from Prague to Switzerland with small helicopter, to meet Jorg personally.

    I love to talk with clever people, so together with Jorg, we have immediately found common ground and later on we have agreed to merge all three projects (Windy.com, webcams.travel and lookr.com) together.

    desc: Jorg Euster, founder of Webcams.travel and Tomas Zamecnik, director of Windy

    Ingo Oppermann, main programmer of webcams.travel and lookr.com worked on both projects since 2007. He developed both websites, but not only that. He was able to manage all the technical stack by himself. And he did excellent job. Both websites runned smooth and fast, and webcams API that they provided was able to serve billions of requests with minimal delay. This is just called Swiss service.

    But since we want to actually merge projects together we had to abandon this legacy codes and convert it to the latest technology stack. And we are happy that Ingo helped us a lot to do this difficult job, not to mention a lot of Swiss chocolate he brought us to Prague. It took several months of hard work, but Ingo, Martin, Filip, Marek and David later on did really great job. But most of the work was done by Jan (snowkiter and VAKE 2019 winner) who coordinated it all.

    Our main goal is to increase amount of webcams in our database and also provide webcam pictures in a little bit more convenient format without advertisement and tracking cookie. As of now, both websites (webcams.travel, lookr.com) should be redirected to Windy.com/webcams so you can see yourself, if you like how we merged all projects together.

    desc:Webcams.travel - left - will is fully integrated into windy - right

    Webcams API

    webcams.travel provided popular API to developers so they can integrate their webcams to their website.

    We have full commitment to continue providing webcams API to other websites and developers, and we will not restrict anyone.

    Of course there will be changes in the API, like new conditions, API endpoints, change of API authorisation and also output JSON format will also slightly changed.

    All the changes will be announced in timely manner so developers will have time to adjust their services. Therefore please watch Webcams API category of our Community to stay informed in advance.

    Further info about Windy Webcams

    Enjoy new webcams on Windy and stay safe


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  • If you use Webcams API please watch this category

    All announcements and changes regarding Webcams API will go to this category.

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  • Hledáme iOS / Android developera

    Ahoj, jsem Ivo, zakladatel Seznam.cz a taky Windy.com, nejúspěšnějšího českého start-upu. Windy jsem naprogramoval v listopadu 2014, od té doby jsme se stali celosvětově jednou z nejpopulárnějších aplikací s předpovědí počasí.

    Ve Windy jsme parta nadšených programátorů a hledáme nového kolegu pro vývoj mobilních aplikací.

    Koho přesně hledáme?

    • Nadšence, který by doplnil náš tým.
    • Klíčovými vlastnostmi jsou inteligence a samostatnost.
    • Mělo by se jednat o člověka, který má zkušenosti s vývojem mobilních aplikací pro iOS nebo Android a perfektně ovládá alespoň jeden z těchto jazyků:
      C++, Swift, Objective C, Java.

    Výhodou pro tebe bude, pokud máš zkušenost s vývojem webu v Javascriptu+HTML+CSS, a také pokud znáš některou z těchto technologií:
    OpenGL, Cordova, Node.js, Docker.

    Co můžeš očekávat?

    • Budeš pracovat na novém produktu, který mám v hlavě.
    • Půjde o velmi samostatnou práci pod mým vedením.
    • Také budeš upravovat stávající Windy mobilní aplikace a widgety.
    • Jsme technologický start-up, soustředíme se na vývoj nových produktů.
    • Nevyžíváme se v dlouhých poradách a preferujeme osobní přístup před formalismy.
    • V naší firmě najdeš přátelský kolektiv nadšených lidí a velmi příjemné a neformální pracovní prostředí v kanceláři na břehu Vltavy.
    • Možnost získání akcií těm nejlepším.

      Pokud tě tato nabídka zaujala, pošli nám strukturovaný životopis a my se ti brzy ozveme.

    iOS Developer

    Android Developer

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  • Improved Satellite map: sharper, faster and more recent

    An enormous amount of work was done by Milan and Jakub in the recent few months. They took our satellite map, already considered excellent service by our users, and made it almost perfect.

    The most notable improvements are:

    • Stunning and realistic colours. Clouds and land look now real as from the ground.
    • More level of details. You can see now every valley fog, every cumulus, and or every cirrus cloud.
    • The new colour scale for infra+ view, including the option to change the scale from Kelvin to Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    • Data optimization. In result, your device downloads necessary data faster and without duplicates. The time between satellite image acquisition has dropped considerably.

    For me, as a founder of Windy, it was hard to see unnecessary development of something that is already developed. Yet, the result convinced me that it paid off.


    The result of the new satellite map is apparent when observing the forest fire in Australia. The smoke from the fires is clearly visible on the new map.

    Enjoy enhanced satellite map and stay safe



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