• RE: IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System

    It was just launched. We will see how the quality of the model will be.

    It is not about the model itself, resolution or supercomputer it uses. It is about initialization data, that make forecast model so good.


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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @castello-v Well you are very wrong about me. I am very careful driver, driving very slow and also very careful pilot flying safe.

    And concerning coronavirus, I do respect all restrictions, but I think the media buzz and social media hysteria just spread fear and does not help at all.

    BTW I have personally decided that one of my company will donate equivalent of 4 mil USD to help small Czech companies that were hit by the crisis. I do personally fly a small plane do distribute protective equipment to the hospitals.

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  • RE: Unable to select Meteoblue and Arome in Wind comparison

    Meteoblue is not NEMS. Those are two different datasets.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Kopansky Neni pravda, ze jsme tady diky prispevovatelum. Bohuzel v roce 2019 jsme vybrali pouze POLOVINU nasich nakladu. Je to sice velika pomoc, ale Windy je zde kvuli investorovi, ktery jeho provoz dlouhodobe dotuje.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Kopansky Vas prispevek se vztahoval k provozu v roce 2019. Vybrali jsme zhruba polovinu nasich nakladu. V roce 2020 mame naklady vyssi. Pokud mate Windy radi predpadte si Windy Premium.

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  • RE: In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    @Kopansky Kvuli zachovani anonymity byly prispevky ANONYMNI, tj my je musime parovat rucne. To je dost pracne a proto je tam limit 50 EUR. A musime doufat ze ty zadosti budou prichazet pomalu, abychom to zvladli.

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  • In these challenging times, Windy.com will stay free and without advertisement.

    photo: Ivo;desc: Just before lockdown I made some nice adrenaline rideups;

    Hi, I am Ivo, founder of Windy.com.

    The times we are living in are not normal. We, pilots, kiters, sailors, and all the outdoor people value freedom the most. Yet we are being told to stay home.

    Most of us, including me, have no fear of death, and some of us, also including me, challenged life-threatening situations a few times. Yes, death is an integral part of life, and we all have to die someday. Yet we are witnessing the panic and hysteria that is not the equal danger we are facing.

    At Windy, we are working from home, using teleconferences to see each other, so everything is running as usual, and we have no service outages at all. But making innovations in this environment is a little bit difficult. And four weeks of lockdown, took its toll on our spirits.

    As you know, in 2019, we have collected almost 500.000,- EUR/USD in voluntary donations from 55.000 donors, and we are grateful for that. Some of the donors were so generous that they send us a few thousand dollars. Thank you very much for this help.

    But in order not to loose cash as hell, we need at least to double that amount. Windy.com is becoming more and more popular and offers more and more services. We have to pay an enormous amount for infrastructure to serve millions of users we have, and the amount doubles every year.

    Windy Premium

    Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis stopped the economy. It broke our plans to find an income in the B2B segment, so we have decided to launch a Windy Premium subscription (details). It will offer something more for just the price of one lunch.

    Bear in mind that Windy.com remains free of charge, fast as hell, and without any advertisement or tracking cookies. And everything, what was for free in 2019, remains free in 2020. Our subscription covers only new functionality that was not present in Windy.com in the past. And of course, our generous donors will get one year of subscription for free (details here).

    So far, Windy Premium offers a 1h forecast. We also plan to add a 6h update time for the ECMWF model.

    Windy Premium is available on desktop and in our mobile apps version 24.0.0, that are being updated right now.

    desc: Windy.com team during our meeting. We are quite wore down. 4 weeks of lockdown is taking its toll on our spirits.

    We need your help

    But running the company from our bedrooms and developing this functionality is very difficult. These times are not typical, so please be patient and tolerant of the mistakes we make. We have difficulty in pairing some of the payments with your user account. Some of the problems are caused by not so reliable third party services that collect these payments for us. We are working hard to fix these issues.

    Dear Windy.com friend.

    The times we are living in are not normal. We are staying at home, and the only risk we are taking now is overeating and gaining more weight. But all the pandemics have ended someday.

    I am sure that we will see each other personally sooner that we think. We will see each other on kiting beach, airport, marina or in the mountains and we will have many perfect sessions, flights or sails together.

    Stay safe, keep social distancing, and do not catch the coronavirus.


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  • RE: Whitelisting Windy?

    We use hundreds of IP addresses dynamically allocated. You have to whitelist domain windy.com

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  • RE: When will the 3d mode be available again? I need to know by Friday.

    Yes I tell you precisely, because I have this information. The 3d mode will be back exactly 23. May at 22:25Z.

    Just messing with you ha ha ha. You should consider your language. We do not like when users gave us ultimatums.

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  • RE: Javascript Developer Wanted!

    WOW this is actual screenshot of client's code. Hats off to our mktng dptmnt

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