• RE: Would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?

    @jmh2002 Correct

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  • RE: Your animations

    To download this video just click with right mouse button on this link and select "Save link as..."

    This video is licenced under Creative Commons licence (CC-BY 3) and can be used/modified freely in any possible way. Just mention Windy.com

    Create your own animation at https://www.windy.com/animate

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  • Would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?

    Dear users

    We prepare slight overhaul of 2 years old "Windy Alerts" feature. If you have any ideas, or thoughts, now is the time to let us know.

    And btw, would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?


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  • RE: Satalite and radar combined


    Well, a good alternative is to use "Satellite layer", with "Infra +" sublayer (and by the way that's what some other apps call "radar" but it's far from being true):


    Satellite is not updated as often as radar layer though, and it also doesn't work the same way, as you might know already:

    -Radars are on ground and get echoes from intense precipitations (liquid water). They reveal instantly the storms cells and that's why they're used on planes too. The main disadvantage is that only small areas are covered because radar echoes are limited in range and blocked by obstacles (mountains...)

    -The enhanced satellite layer, using infrared bands, show the coolest and intense cloud tops, from 250 K (≈ -23°C) to 200 K (≈ -73°C), see the color scale on windy. Those cool clouds are the result of intense convection that pushes air upwards, which triggers thunderstorms. So it's also a good tool to track storms.

    Let's have a look over Malaysia, It seems that there are huge cumulonimbus clouds developing in the area. Big wooly clouds, some of them even have a shadow over the ocean:


    Let's have a look at the enhanced infrared picture now... Yes, something is definitely happening. The color scale reveals high intense cold cloud tops (thunderstorms) :


    Using the radar layer, I could see the most active cells and storm cores. But I should be aware that clouds too far from radars will not be depicted (depending on power, height of the radar, etc...). Also some mountains might block the signal to the south:


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  • RE: Hurricane Lorenzo 2019


    Please see post and answers, and feel free to post in this topic to avoid multiple topics about the same thing:


    And yes, Acores are on Lorenzo path I agree with you, and of course I consider those islands as "land". They are not "rarely" hit unfortunately. It happens quite often. However they were threaten by a Cat 4 hurricane this time and it was scary. Fortunately, It will most probably be a cat 1 hurricane when it reaches Acores, which is not particularely rare (but of course still dangerous). I hope impacts will be limited.

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  • RE: Hurricane Lorenzo updates

    Yeah sad to see that Islands are too often forgotten ... Yes they are land and people live on it by the way :)

    And Lorenzo is now the most intense hurricane ever recorded so far east (~ 40° W) in the Atlantic. Last one was hurricane Helene in 1988. But it reached the same intensity 400 miles west of current lorenzo position and much more south! Julia in 2010 reached its peak intensity on 33°W, 115 knots windspeed.

    Lorenzo peak intensity was reached on Friday 27th around 09:00 UTC:

    Minimal pressure : 937 Hpa.
    Wind: 145 mph or 126 kts or 233 km/h.
    Gusts: up to 173 mph or 150 kts or 278 km/h.

    Lorenzo should be downgraded as a cat 1 hurricane before it reaches Acores islands. Impacts on the region are still expected to be intense and dangerous.

    It's been 3 years hurricanes have been breaking records in the Atlantic basin... Irma, Maria, Dorian, Lorenzo...I'm not sure it's a coincidence.

    As forecasted, hurricanes are becoming more powerful, they form earlier next to Africa and then affect directly Europe. It's crazy.

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  • Issues after upgrade to iOS 13 will be fixed soon

    As you probably know iOS 13 introduced some ugly bugs, that degraded function of Windy App. We have reported this issues to Apple and have some good news for you in the meantime:

    • Erratic pan and zoom behavior is fixed in iOS 13.1 so upgrade iOS if you can
    • Contextmenu on long tap will be working again on updated version of Windy App, that is now waiting approval in App Store
    • Double tap to zoom was not yet fixed and we will try to fix it in some new update

    We have also found out that when upgrading from iOS 12 to iOS 13 iPhone will delete all your Windy favourites and settings. Do not lose your settings, register and login (Menu > Login) so we could save all your favourites in the cloud.

    Enjoy Windy App and stay safe


    PS: If you will have still problems with iOS 13 try to disable 3D touch. To switch off you need to go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> 3D & Haptic Touch -> switch off "3D touch". Alternatively, you can search for 3D Touch.

    photo:Windy.comdesc:How to disable 3D Touch.;

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  • RE: Email Alert TLD Issue

    This is bug thx for report

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  • RE: Hurricane Dorian Overlay

    @mrandall overlays are available directly from nhc and other specialized websites. Feel free as well to add them when necessary! :) there also a live aircraft recon overlay available at tropicalatlantic website.

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