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Update 4th of October: Typhoon Koinu, also known as Jenny, maintains its strength of a category 3 storm and heads for the southern tip of Taiwan.

Current sustainable winds are 130mph / 209 km/h, equivalent to typhoon category 3. Models predict that the storm will weaken once it gets closer to Taiwan in the next 24 hours. Landfall is expected on Thursday morning.


Update 3rd of October: Typhoon Koinu, locally Jenny, is heading north-northwest with a wind speed of 185km/h (115 mph).

Forecast models are in disagreement regarding the path of the storm. But generally, we can say models predict Koinu to cross land near the Kaohsiung city tomorrow.


Koinu maintains its strength. Heavy rain and swells are expected in eastern Taiwan, land and sea warnings have been issued.

Update 2nd of October: Typhoon Koinu, which formed in the Philippine Sea, is predicted to hit the southern part of Taiwan on Thursday in the morning hours.

The typhoon has a strength of 193km/h (120mph), equivalent to a category 3 typhoon on the scale. It is moving towards Taiwan.

The exact place of landfall is yet uncertain. Model JMA by Japan Meteorological Agency predicts Koinu to pass over Kaohsiung City. On the other hand, model ECMWF predicts landfall in the southern part near Hengchun city.


Regions such as Taitung, Hualien County, and the Hengchun Peninsula are anticipated to bear the brunt of the storm, with subsequent impacts in Pintung, Kaohsiung, Tainan City, Yilan County, Keelung City, Greater Taipei, and Taoyuan City


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