@petra-pik I use apple id for premium. I see your point. But I am not talking pure politics.
Current issues are bigger. Like border between Armenia and Azerbaijan missing completely. Some cities and provinces missing completely.

if we go in political way - the best way to be politically neutral is to reflect both names. Official name and how it called by other people. At least this can be done to please both sides. it will be right and fear.

You say that you dont want to be involved into politics, but then on Windy
you show territories of Azerbaijan which controlled by Azerbaijan incorrectly. then this is natural that people are not happy with this and they raise their concern. No one come here to troll or whatsoever, I am busy person and have better things to do.
The best way to stay away from politics is to fix this issues as I proposed above and close this question.

I know that you have limited resources, but i can offer my help if i can help with anything.

BTW, how I can create Azerbaijan section on the forum?