@ TZ said in Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) data and forecast are now accessible on Windy.:

@ ivo We display total column of ozone, for monitoring of ozone holes = "the area where ozone columns are less than 220 Dobson Units (DU)". Antarctic ozone hole is seasonal. According to Copernicus, 2018's ozone hole "was one of the largest holes of recent years". Full article about 2018 Antarctic ozone hole season: https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/2018-antarctic-ozone-hole-season-get essay-charts

It's obviously one of the most alarming statements I have ever read. I check the ozone forecast charts predictions daily. Here's the reference to the ozone layer monitoring and the graphics updated on a daily basis: https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/monitoring-ozone-layer