save the planet and humanity stop grinding sterile scientificism, pickle associations, researchers who have always sought to find nothing, infantilism Grunberg, I do not care leadership and politics of the pyramid system that is in the process to explode ....... there are no solutions there are only answers inform Mr Antonio GUTERREZ UN OR GET WE HIS PERSONAL EMAILS look at "It is the INFINITE PERFORMANCE i 100% all upstream POLLUTIONS downstream direct and indirect zero / and zero inflation FOR THE CENTURIES OF THE CENTURIES" it is the infinite free electricity and the 3 infinite free sweet waters on the planet in 5 years CO² CO zero millions of free factories amortized in 3 months, It is also immediately in 8 months on the world the reduction of direct CO² 15% indirect 500%, CO 95% to 100% of the thermal engines and 15/20% of the consumptions of energy and we have other inventions of the same design it is more co² electric vehicles, snow cannons, global transport, CO² capturing machines or to eradicate the plastic of the seas, it is the first step of rescue of the agriculture of capitals which will disappear arabie / tropical belt ect ..... we never know there are always men of intelligence and affectivity of our planet to advance what is credible help us INFORM THE WORLD, M guterez, Mis Lagarde FMI ect...... Best greetings R PERSYN