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    I would like to propose you create a small Windows app that would allow us to set the wallpaper as a Live feedb from Windy that updates every few minutes. I would be very cool to essentially see the entire world as a wallpaper!
    There are apps such as DesktopEarth but their resolution is quite low and the weather is not real.

  • Expedícia Vulcano

    Yeah, what @Firehawk2047 said.

  • | Premium

    You can use a 3rd party app to do this with Windy, such as Wallpaper Engine. Just click "import from URL", copy over Windy's URL and you're done!

    Note: you may want to rearrange your desktop icons since this will essentially be a webpage on your desktop.
    Image showing a desktop with Windy as wallpaper

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