hurricanes increasing in Arabian sea

  • Since the middle of last October the situation of the Arabian Sea in disturbance and many of the weather centers and weather analysts had expected a tropical depression to be formed in the South East Arabian Sea and it actually formed and was officially announced its formation in some sites in 22-10-2019 and quickly developed into A storm and then a first-category hurricane , but more importantly, it developed into a fourth-category hurricane at a speed of 130 kts .
    Some weather analysts even said that it had reached the fifth category, (the highest level of hurricanes strength.)
    The second important point is that the Hurricane Kiar is the second strongest hurricane that reached the Arabian Sea after 12 and a half years of hurricane Gonu, which still occupies the first place in the strongest hurricanes of the Arabian Sea. which reached Omani territory and caused serious human and material damage in June 2007
    In conclusion, the concern authorities in yemen must be ready to face future expected challenges because hurricanes become more active in Arabian sea .

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