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  • Hi, in the status bar at the bottom wher you can see how much rain there is going to fall, it's starts with mm and at the and the maximum it is 1m ! Shouldn't that be 1cm ? I am using the French version.

  • Sailor Moderator

    The units are correct on the Rain accumulation scale.
    It’s not 1cm as you suggest, but 1m=1000mm.
    This quantity of rain accumulation during 10 days is possible in tropical regions.
    For instance during the next 10days, it is forecasted more than 600mm in Montenegro, which is not a tropical area.


    But I must say that this color scale is really imprecise at the right end of the scale. If you look at this color scale in detail via Settings > Customize color scale > Rain accumulation, you see that the pink color covers a very wide range from about 100mm to more than 1000mm (btw 8000mm is a little bit crazy but it’s like a logarithmic scale)


    Personally I prefer to use a customized color scale for rain accumulation which give me this type of map.

    Updated June 2020

    If you want to use it, just let me know.

  • @idefix37 Thanks a lot for the precisions, it's very clear now. Yes I would like to use your colors, how can I do that ?

  • Sailor Moderator

    You must modify the color settings on the website That’s not possible via the phone app. But the same modification will be applied to all your devices.
    Go to Settings (Réglages) via the hamburger menu (high left corner)
    Scroll down and choose Customize color scale (Personaliser l’échelle de couleur)
    Select overlay:
    Rain accumulation (Accumulation de pluie)
    At bottom of page find the line Import/export
    Click on [view code] to open a window pop up
    Delete the text code in this window
    Select and copy all lines of code here below and paste them in the window
    Press [Import Gradient]
    Press Save
    You can come back to the default Windy settings at any time by pressing Load defaults


    Updated June 2020


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