• Hi, in previous versions, I recall you had ocean currents, however I do not seem to be able to find at present. This is very useful for offshore swimming / boating events where knowing the current, and when it changes, can make a noticeable difference.
    With thanks

  • Sailor Moderator

    Just select Waves -> Currents (if not available see More layers... )
    But it is important to note that this layer shows only oceanic currents. This means that it doesn’t take into account the tidal currents which can change every hours, in direction and speed, near the coast line. If you look at About these data, you see that this layer is updated every 48 hours ! May be this layer is useful if you swim 10 NM offshore.

  • Hi, thanks. I get Waves, Swell1 and Swell2, but still not accessing currents (I used to be able to) - snapshot as attached. Even if I go more layers, still not finding.
    Yep, appreciate this is surface currents - exactly what I am looking for.
    With thanks

  • Sailor Moderator

    OK, so click on More layers... at bottom of layers list.
    You should see that

    Tick Expert mode, to display all layers including Currents.
    Then untick Expert mode, and when selecting Waves, you should see:


    If it does not works, you could try to type Currents in the Search layer box

  • Thanks for your help, and patience! Still no joy. With expert on (see attached) and searching for Current comes up with "Nothing to be found"

    I am obviously doing something fairly fundamental wrong! I note that you have wind waves and swell 3 - which I used to have a while back.

    I go straight from Sea Temp to NOx.....


    With thanks

    StevenCapture 1.PNG Capture.PNG

  • That's strange
    Can you check what version do you have:

    Or try opening windy.com in incognito window

  • Think I may hace solved it (either that or made it more complex!). I have been using IE11. I tried this morning using Firefox, and get totally different menu options. Then went and did A - B - A - B to check repeatable between IE11 and Firefox.

    Not sure why....but now getting what I was seeking. Would it be worth putting a Firefox vs IE11 topic to lets others be aware of differences in web browser?

    Thanks for your help and patience!

    With regardsCapture.PNG

  • Where is the barric golfstorm in the Antlan Sea, please indicate on the map

  • Moderator

    Do you mean the Gulf stream?
    Select "Currents"

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