Fake data returned even for GFS

  • I make this request to https://api4.windy.com/api4/data/forecast:

      "model": "gfs",
      "lat": 49.9609,
      "lon": 14.6958, 
      "key": "---key---",
      "plugin": "windy-plugin-pg-mapa"

    I receive this response:

    {"header": {
      "model": "NOAA-GFS",
      "origLat": 50.53654293419482,
      "origLon": 14.889134366246362,
      "note": "Requested ECMWF data are FAKE and just for dev purposes."

    Note that I made a request for GFS but I got a ECMWF fake response. Also origLat and origLon doesn't match lat and lon which is probably related.

  • @jakubvrana Thanks for the report, it is fixed now.

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