Explanation of forecast data

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    The forecast from pluginDataLoader has these fields:

    cbase: 4552
    convPrecip: 0.1
    day: "2019-11-05"
    dewPoint: 278.5
    gust: 8.0132
    hour: 12
    icon: 20
    icon2: 20
    isDay: 1
    mm: 0.2
    moonPhase: 7
    origDate: "2019-11-05T13:00:00+01:00"
    origTs: 1572955200000
    pressure: 99904.47
    rain: 1
    rh: 76
    snow: 0
    snowPrecip: 0
    temp: 282.5
    ts: 1572951600000
    weathercode: "OVC,CU,CS,,-,RA,,"
    wind: 3.7
    windDir: 234

    Most of them are pretty self explanatory but can you please explain the meaning of icon, icon2, moonPhase and weathercode? Ideally at https://github.com/windycom/windy-plugins/blob/master/docs/WINDY_API.md#module-plugindataloader.

    I'm interested mainly in displaying a simple weather icon - sunny, cloudy, rainy.

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    @jakubvrana These parameters are basically for inner systems. It was not intended for public use. icon is a number used for printing weather icon, icon2 is a new version of the same. These values are basically got from the weathercode and also from other parameters. And for the night icon we are using moonPhase to partly/fully fill the moon.

    Feel free to write me using chat for more information.

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