Why Not Make the Winds Aloft Forecast Easier to Read?

  • Banned

    Sometimes it seems like interpreting a Winds Aloft Forecast is a lesson in needless torture. Why not update it so that it could be easier to read and interpret?

    Why couldn't the Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast add digits to the entries at each altitude so that the first 3 digits can be the direction of the wind, the next three digits could be the speed of the wind with a leading 0 if it's less than 100, and the final 3 digits could be the temperature with a plus or minus in front of the number?

    For example, for JFK at 6,000 ft it could read:

    KJFK 220015+05

  • Does not look very easy to me.

    Picker and altitude slider is better.

  • Sailor Moderator

    This guy is probably trolling us. He has send 4 times the same message with 4 different user names.


  • Thanks you so much for the help.

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