New satellite map enhancements

  • @TomSlavkovsky looks great :) Personally I prefer the new colour scale. But as @Gkikas-LGPZ, says change units isn't working for me either – plus, degrees Kelvin really shouldn't be the default (Celsius should). Speaking of, it's probably unclear to the general user what infra+ actually is (cloud top temperature, right?). Perhaps this could be labelled somewhere?

  • You are very special people. You are doing something important. You are making the world a better place. On a personal level I have been enjoying Windy every day of my life and it has helped me make decisions that are important to me and my life is way better because of your help and I am very grateful. You're smart and you care! Good on you. Thank you!

  • Very much looking fowerad to have it on my pc

  • I am not a scientist but I am a weather nerd . I think it is great!

  • Hello! I really like the new look for the satellite map but the animation seems to play less smoothly than the previous version. Thanks!

  • Very nice job! I was going to say keep the old color scale, but the new one is much easier on the eyes. The new animation seems to be loading less frames than the old one. Overall performance and quality is ok though.

    The yellowish tone for low clouds/fog and also snow on the visible satellite still looks awkward to me. If a user is looking to distinguish the different levels of clouds, that's what the infrared is for.

  • From a retired Navy meteorologist, looks good so far.

  • looks very good

  • This is an excellent upgrade, Tom! Very useful in areas with often out-of-business radar networks like Indonesia.

  • I love it. Looks beautiful. If you could add the "weather radar" doppler at about 15% visibility as an over/under lay... Just curious. I think both are valuable tools for the armchair weather forecaster like myself. I do a lot of traveling on my motorcycle. Not afraid of rain, but if I can plan...

  • Fantastic!! Congratulations, it helps a lot understanding the type of actual and expected weather

  • Bring it On;I am Ready for an animated Map I can plan my day with! Thank-You!

  • @johnckealy I guess "infra+" means infrared+rain. It seems to be combined with radar detection data, since if you check "Radar" view on some rainy region you should see the matching of both views regarding rain clutter.
    For me this is the best enhancement from since my country Morocco was and still (for some dumb/incompetence reason) lacking Radar coverage for public use. Radar is the most vital feature in case of bad weather especially when you board the Atlantic! :)

  • Great layers, just looking over Cyclone Bulbul Warning
    northwest and adjoining westcentral Bay of Bengal; from the start it was Typhoon Matmo....
    ![alt text](cb419c32-4929-423d-94f1-cba968e28472-image.png image url)

    Question is why it has different still old name Matmo on the Hurricane it is already Bulbul...maybe to mention both...

  •  Stunning and realistic colors., More level of details, New color scale and Data optimization.        I Love Animated Maps as they allow me to plan my Day. There may be Gaps in Bad weather at times when it's best to get out shopping, errands, etc. Very Handy Maps! Thank-You Paul Forster

  • When looking at the visible layer, at a close zoom the terrain layer shows through the satellite layer and distorts the imagery. Is there a way to adjust the transparancy?

  • Meteorologist


    great jobs. you are the best!

  • Administrator

    @easy_rhino Hi, unfortunately infra+ does not mean infrared+rain. It just means that there is colorisation of the cold cloud tops. It can help to observe development of storm clouds.

  • Moderator

    Cyclone named "Bulbul" by India Meteo. Dept.
    is the same with the one named "Matmo" by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center


  • This is an amazing site.. Your new beta is beautiful. Thanks for all your efforts.

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