Wind Farm Meeting

  • Hello everyone,,
    There is a Wind Farm trying to rent some actual farm land near me and there is a town meeting coming up.

    I am looking for some constructive questions I can ask the company.

    The things we are most concerned about are things like

    Who maintains the access roads?

    How will repairs and maintenance affect the land around the turbine?

    Can we still use them if the company paying to put them up goes bankrupt?
    If the company does go bankrupt, how much does it cost to take one down and who pays for that?

    Can they function properly in -40 degrees (Wisconsin weather)

    Does anyone know any other questions that I should ask so we can avoid being screwed over?

    We are not "Anti-wind power" or "Not in My Backyard" people. We are just cautious. We don't want to have some company put up a bunch of turbines, go out of business or simply stop caring, then have our farm land be worthless because we have giant concrete bases in the middle of our fields.

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