• Waves swell colours stripe is too difficoult to read between 2 and 6 meters.

  • Sailor Moderator

    You can customize the color scale of any layer, including Waves.
    In Settings (website version), select Customize color scale -> Waves


    On my side I use this color scale


  • @idefix37
    Why don't you please put that colour scale by default for all users? I think it's much better. I agree now it's very difficult to see the 2-3 meter range.
    Starting from dark blue for no waves, after green to yellow for bigger swell, and finally red to violet for storm, gets more intuitive.
    Thanks & congratulations for the app !!!

  • Sailor Moderator


    I am not in the Windy team so I cannot set my setting as « default setting ». As you, I am only a member of the Windy community !
    But if you want to use my colors setting for waves, here is how to do it:

    In windy.com Menu (not in the phone app) go to Settings
    Scroll down and choose Customize color scale
    In Select overlay: Choose Waves
    At bottom of page find the line Import/export
    Click on [view code] to open a window pop up
    Delete the text code in this window
    Select and copy all lines of code here below and paste them in the window
    Press [Import Gradient]
    Press Save


    These new colors will be saved in your Windy cloud and will be applied to all your devices including in phone app.
    But if you want to come back to Windy default colors you can press Load default

    NOTE: Each high waves range is represented by a uniform color without shading or smoothing, with only a small mixing transition.


    For instance,
    Dark green is 2m waves
    Medium green is 3m waves
    Light green is 4m waves
    Yellow is 5m waves
    Brick red is 7m waves
    Bright red is 10m waves
    So at a glance you know the wave height.

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