Proposed Windy Maps Enhancements for Serious Hiking

  • I am an avid hiker and frequently take to the mountain trails so I need a very good navigation tool in my pocket. I want to propose the following enhancements for Windy Maps:

    • On map screen, once position is established by GPS signal, the elevation of my position (blue dot) should be indicated on the lower part of the screen and always be monitored as I move.

    • If I want to plan a route I must always select a marker on the map (useful, but not very efficient). As a hiker I have stored several map points (where my route will pass) on the user maps section and I want to be able to plan a route using my points from the map section, something Windy Maps does not allow me to do now.

    • Sometimes in Windy Maps there are no defined trails where I want to go from point A to point B. In this case I should be able to generate a direct "line of sight" route with compass bearing information to be able to navigate from point A to Point B. No way of doing this now without a defined map trail in WM.

    • For clarity, I should be able to call all points stored in a Windy Maps folder and be displayed concurrently on the map. WM now displays ALL point in a category (ATM, Parking, etc) but NOT user specified points stored in a maps folder.

    • The green search button on the map (lower right) searches items on the map but not items on the user map folders, which a big issue. If I have stored several points on a folder I should have the ability to search on them and put them directly on the map.

    • The sizing tool (two finger touch on Windy Maps) disappears once you lift the fingers (not very useful). It should be sticky and the measuring endpoints should be movable on the map to visualize the distance between two points or make distance scenarios.

    That's it for now...

  • Get a baseplate compass. It truly is all you need. You'll need neither a lensatic nor a sighting compass, though the mirror of a sighting compass might come in handy if you shave while afield. Short of a dead reckoning daytime land nav course in the Army, I've yet to ever witness anyone shooting an azimuth with a handheld sighting compass or lensatic compass.

  • Well, an avid hiker should never rely on his technology only. Just in case you should always have a map and compass for hiking. Trust me you don't want to be caught without it.

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