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    Dumb ?, how does one report from Acurite station that is already pointed to weather underground? Thanks

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    With an Acurite station you run Acuparse or WeeWx to capture data on your local network to then send to Windy. You'll need a LInux system to run these. You can use a Raspberry Pi.

    With other station brands there are more options. Many that don't require running Linux. But don't be afraid when you hear Linux. A Raspberry Pi is a very simple thing to set up. And there is a lot of support for Acuparse and WeeWx on the web. Not on this forum, but elsewhere, like WeeWe Google Groups forum, wxforum.net and Acuparse's website.

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    Thanks for the info. I'd rather keep it simple and not have to go that route. I'm exploring the ambient bridge and their purported ability to upload to many sites - not as simple as I would like but easier for me to setup & maintain...

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