• Hey guys,

    so I have this weird issue. 6 months ago I set up an email alert for a town called Radstadt in Austria. I forgot about it then. Weather just got a bit more extreme there and it started sending me emails. Now for the bad part - there is absolutely NO WAY of removing the alert. In windy app its pretty much impossible cause there is no delete button in alert and in a PC when I delete it it jumps back in. So one day I delete the alert and the next day it starts all over again. In my PC mail client - the unsubscribe button in email is also not clickable...

    So - I would say that the whole alerts thing should use a bit more work... Its crazy difficult to manage and its not working properly.

  • Global Moderator

    @janklima Hello, there is a link in each email alert where you can edit/remove it

  • Sailor

    I've had this problem for a long time. Thanks for the solution. Cheers

  • @kekert link don't work

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