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    An enormous amount of work was done by Milan and Jakub in the recent few months. They took our satellite map, already considered excellent service by our users, and made it almost perfect.

    The most notable improvements are:

    • Stunning and realistic colours. Clouds and land look now real as from the ground.
    • More level of details. You can see now every valley fog, every cumulus, and or every cirrus cloud.
    • The new colour scale for infra+ view, including the option to change the scale from Kelvin to Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    • Data optimization. In result, your device downloads necessary data faster and without duplicates. The time between satellite image acquisition has dropped considerably.

    For me, as a founder of Windy, it was hard to see unnecessary development of something that is already developed. Yet, the result convinced me that it paid off.


    The result of the new satellite map is apparent when observing the forest fire in Australia. The smoke from the fires is clearly visible on the new map.

    Enjoy enhanced satellite map and stay safe



  • The satellite seems to update regularly in 10 + minute intervals. When I animate it, I do not get the continuous smooth flow you seem to have in your demonstration video. The before and after pictures look the same, so you are going to have to prove it to me that there REALLY are differences in the quality of the before improvement and after improvement photos. Otherwise, I see nothing new. The animation that I get is the same 10 + time step animation that I had before the "improvements". I see no change in the color presentation.

  • I DO like the cloud temperature thing the new satellite now has; it should have an option, however, to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit; it does not have such an option NOW. I would also like to see the temperatures that are greater than -33 C. Also, why was -33 C picked as a temp for which it can't measure above that level? If the satellite can see fog at the surface, it would be nice if the satellite could measure fog temperature on the ground. The fog temperature would give you pretty much what the dew point is on the ground; this would be especially useful in summer. I like the global forecast for any point on Earth. I haven't found the "active fires" yet.

  • How often do the "Active Fires" update? Fires have been known to rapidly intensify, sometimes in a matter of minutes, and not only intensify but rapidly expand in size. Perhaps the satellite could measure how many acres is the current fire size; how many acres totally have burned. Updates perhaps could be provided every 10 minutes just like the clouds. Speaking of which, the standard infrared seems to animate much faster than the Enhanced Infrared, so yeah, that's an improvement; the standard one also animates faster than it itself used to. Seems like the cirrus features can be seen better now on the standard IR than it used to be. Not much has changed regarding the speed on the Enhanced IR or the colors.

  • I re-checked, and I re-read what it says about the improvements, and I saw the mention of the option for changing to Fahrenheit, and I looked at the Legend, and found the toggle for Celsius to Fahrenheit. It works fine!!

  • I also re-checked on the speed of animation; turned out it works fine on the IR as well as all the other things, visible day/night, and IR + enhanced. I had to remember the little dog, rabbit button to toggle for the animation speed.

  • The new forecast on Snow Depth; that one is very neat!!

  • @weatherfan said in Improved Satellite map: sharper, faster and more recent:

    re and after pictures look the same, so you are going to have to prove it to me that

    You should get new spectacles as the quality change is obvious!

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