• Hi,

    For some reason the weather forecasting lately has been really inaccurate in my region. I operate for a helicopter EMS operation and have not been able to rely on these forecasts. Usually they are very good. The thunderstorm, rain and cloud forecasting is just not accurate.

    This is for the KwaZulu Natal, Durban and surrounding region in South Africa.

    Please see if there is something which can be done.


  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers.

  • Thanks for your response. Not too sure where to take it from here. Do I continue to rely on Windy for accurate forecasting (visualisation of received forecasts)? Reason being is that regardless of where you obtain your information from, if it isn't accurate, as it has been in the past, how can we rely on it going forward. Possibly you can look into it?

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