Interpolate at higher elevations

  • Is it possible to return the windspeed at higher elevations? Interpolate seems to only return wind speed at ground level.

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    When in "wind layer", move the height slider to the desired elevation.

    e.g. wind at 3000m in Zugspitze (The Alps, Germany-Austria border)

  • Is it possible to do this programmatically - I'layer', '100m') and then run interpolate({lat,lon}), but when I check the result it returns ground level. Code is below...

    store.set('level', '100m');
    interpolator(interpolatorFun => {
    	for (const site of json_file.features) {
    		let wind;
    		let lat = site.geometry.coordinates[1];
    		let lon = site.geometry.coordinates[0];
    		const data = interpolatorFun({lat,lon}, 1);
    		wind = data && utils.wind2obj(data);
    		const marker = L.circleMarker([lat, lon], wellStyle()).addTo(map);
    		let tooltip = '<div>' + wind.wind.toFixed(1) + ' m/s <br />' + '</div>';


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    Wait until data loaded before calling the interpolator:


    broadcast.on("redrawFinished", params=>{interpolator(interpfun=>{......

  • @rittels thanks - works perfectly!

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