New windy plugin: Feature Tracker

  • Hey Windy community,

    I've just published a new Windy plugin, named


    I've always wanted a tool that could give me timing for convective showers at my location, based on radar; which as we know, the model can't give us. I'm in a co-working space in Thailand at the moment, and I'm hoping this tool will be able to give me timings for thunderstorms before they arrive! It should hopefully work nice for midlatitude polar-maritime airmasses too.

    It's in Beta now, please do try it out, the docs are on Github. Comments and suggestion are very welcome.

    Thanks to @rittels and @marekd for the helping hand.

    @Gkikas-LGPZ @TomSlavkovsky @ivo @stitch @vicb, you guys be interested to take a look too.


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