• Dear windy team since 2017 I am active user of your app and supporter the temperature in our area is far away from true I ask you kindly if you want to add some weather station of do something about it it shows now 15 degrees but I way way more !!

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    Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers.

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    In May, you have already posted the same message and my reply was:
    « Windy does NOT make weather predictions. This App just visualizes weather models of major meteorological services as ECMWF, NOAA, DWD ..... So Windy cannot make any change to these weather models.
    Have you tried all of them to choose the best one for your location? And if you live in a mountainous area there is more chance of inaccuracies. »

    So you probably did not take into account this message.
    South Crete has mountain ranges with a plain that leads to the sea in Tympaki. Models with a resolution of about 10 km compute the temperature as if it were at a higher altitude, resulting in inaccurate temperatures.
    Using the Reported vs Forecast tool, we can see that the temperature forecast by ECMWF is lower than the only weather station south of Crete (at Tympaki at sea level). So the ECMWF model does not give good results for temperature in this area.


    On the other hand the results are better with ICON which has a resolution of 7km, and even much better with NEMS (Meteoblue) which has a resolution of 4 km.


    Therefore for the temperature PLEASE USE ONE OF THESE 2 MODELS IN YOUR AREA !!

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