Transfer Itinerary between accounts?

  • So... hope someone can help as I'm confused between Windy and Windy Maps... this weekend I've done a small track and recorded the itinerary... I couldn't login on Windy Maps so in order to don't loose the track I have done a new login/created new user. Now that I managed to log on maps with my Windy user I would like to know how to transfer the itinerary so I keep all records on the same account.
    Also, in a seconds step, I would like to know how to see it online, that's where I'm confused between the two application and the online version... hope I don't sound too much confused?
    Thank you, in advance, for everyone help!

  • Administrator

    @japiteira Can you please provide me with more details about "I couldn't login"? It should work.

  • @marekd, many thanks for replying! I have an account for Windy and when I wanted to add it at Windy Maps I couldn't, don't remember the details or the reason... on the moment I choose to create a new user with my gmail address. Later I did manage to login with my existing account which I prefer to use but now I would like to know, if it is possible, how to transfer the track I registered...

  • Administrator

    @japiteira Unfortunately, data migration between accounts is not supported.

  • @marekd, many thanks, was afraid so but it worth to try, appreciate your feedback! Cheers,

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