• I love it. Today it looks like half the world is on fire. So I zoomed on on one of the pixels, this one on a small Pacific Island named Jarvis Island. It is less than 2 sq-miles area and is primarly coralline with a bit a scrub and shrub, but mostly desert. And uninhabited.

    The estimated active-fire-pixel size over Jarvis Island today is about 10 by 16 miles, or about 80 times the size of the island, so either there is an awful lot of ocean on fire, or the resolution is such that I shouldnt be looking at the active fire map in such detail. I suspect the latter. If I am wrong, would somebody get on a ship and check this out? Oh the humanity!

    I guess I need to read up on Compernicus and learn more about what exactly I am looking at. Thanks again, Windy people, for such an outstanding, and fun, product.

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