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    photo:Windy.com;desc: Custom the color scale on Windy; licence:cc;

    Did you know that you can customize Windy colors for almost any layer? What is the point of doing it? You may prefer your own color palette, but also, by this way, you can deal with some specific requirement.

    For example, it may be helpful to visualize a particular level of temperature from which you consider that it may hurt people and your environment. By using a particular color you will be alerted just by looking at the map.

    If you are fan of boating, you may use a color like red - the usual sign of danger - when the wind reaches a certain force. And as everyone does not have the same threshold of danger for outdoor activities, it is better to set the threshold by yourself. In the example below the red color was used from 28 knots of wind, i.e. 7 Beaufort which is an usual warning level for a coastal cruiser boat.

    photo:Windy.com;desc: Beaufort scale on Windy; licence:cc;

    Details are shown here.

    But there are other reasons, such as the case of a Windy user who is green blind. It was better for him to replace this color with another one.

    How to change a layer color scale?

    This change can only be made via the website windy.com, not in the phone app, and you need to be logged in. But when the change has been made on desktop, it will automatically be applied also on the phone or tablet application.

    Go to Settings and choose Customize Color Scale. Select the layer you want to edit.

    You may want to customize the Waves layer. If you are fond of paddling on the seashore or if you are a transoceanic sailor, you will not consider the same scale for waves height.

    Selecting the Waves layer you get this table:

    photo:Windy.com;desc: Customizing the color scale; licence:cc;

    In the first column, you can change the steps of the scale and/or, in the second column, the colors.

    You know that colors on your screen is a mix of 3 base colors: Red, Green, Blue, which are specified by the RGB code with 3 numbers as you see in the second column like rgb (192,51,95)

    How to modify the RGB code

    1st solution:

    When you click a color line you open a small window which allow you to change the hue (1) and the density/brightness (2).

    photo:Windy.com;desc: Customizing the color scale on Windy; licence:cc;

    2nd solution:

    You can use some RGB palette like this one:

    The first tool, RGB color picker, is similar to the Windy tool here above. The second one, RGB color codes charts, is easier to use. Click on a color, note the 3 figures for RGB and type them in the Windy table.

    When you are satisfied with your colors, click Save. At any time you can switch back to the Windy default settings by clicking Load defaults

    And for example you can get this type of colors scale for waves:

    photo:Windy.com;desc: Customizing the color scale on Windy; licence:cc;

    If you want to obtain directly this color scale just look at this thread in Windy community:

  • @idefix37 It's a very nice feature, but why can't we change de "Precipitation Type" layer?

  • Sailor Moderator

    This layer is different from all the others because the colors do not correspond to a continuous numerical variable.
    For example, in the case of Wind, the numerical variable is the wind speed (0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.... m/s), which can be modified and to which a color corresponds, which can also be modified, with an automatic blending of colors between each line.
    On the other hand, in the case of the Precipitation type layer, it is Rain, Snow, Wet Snow... (no continuous numerical variable) and there cannot be a mixture of colors between the lines, otherwise it would not be possible to identify the type of precipitation.
    The program and code are probably different. The interface cannot be the same. Windy developers could give a more precise explanation.

    In fact, why do you want to change the colors of this layer?
    BTW have you already customized other layers?

  • @idefix37
    Yes I have customized other layers in the past. In Canada we usually use green as rain and blue as snow, so this is why I was interested in customizing this layer. Thanks for your answer.

    In case you are interested, we have these colours in Canada:

    GREEN = rain
    BLUE = snow
    YELLOW = rain-snow
    RED = freezing rain
    MAUVE (PINK-PURPLE) = ice pellets

  • Sailor Moderator

    I see. Developers could take into account these colors in future, may be.

  • @idefix37 yes

  • Weather Journalists

    Wow cool will have to check out!

  • Why can't the colours in the widgets?
    I would love it for the many widgets on my own site!
    Can you add this please, that would be awesome!
    It looks me not difficult.
    Thank you in advance, ;)
    The settings don't save alsoo...


  • Meteorologist

    I changed my colours of 40 MPH or higher to help find tropical storms, and know when a High Wind Warning may need to be issued. Red is hurricane, and pink is Major Hurricane for me as well, with a major contrast so I can find them well.

  • I love this layers:


  • @Tieske said in Customize the color scales of Windy layers:

    Why can't the colours in the widgets?
    I would love it for the many widgets on my own website!
    Can you add this please, that would be awesome!
    It looks me not difficult.
    Thank you in advance, ;)
    The settings don't save alsoo...


    I agree with you! These widgets are really great..

  • winds.png
    I've customize this color scale based on wind force and hurricane scales. Red is used for tropical storm/gale force winds, as the winds are dangerous enough to produce certain damages. Light white/purple indicates hurricane force winds (Category 1), and grey is used for major hurricane (Category 3). Dark blue indicates winds for jet stream and other extremely rare winds.

  • There are ligth thunder and thunderstorms color in color scale for type of precipitation. Why are they not used?

  • Administrator

    @Damir120505 Hello, what do you mean exactly? You can customise colors for each layer.

  • Sailor Moderator

    @Damir120505 said in Customize the color scales of Windy layers:

    Why are they not used?

    There are used. If no lightning is forecast by the model, Windy cannot show colors !


  • Theese layers aren't used.



  • Sailor Moderator

    OK that’s clearer with a screenshot. There is no obvious reason to have these lines and colors in the Precipitation type color scale.
    Developers should have a look at it.

  • Administrator

    @Damir120505 @idefix37 Hi, this does not look as screenshot from Windy.com. What browser do you use?

  • Sailor Moderator

    It is a screenshot from Windy. Same as you I was on the point to give the same reply.

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 Yes, but the UI is different.

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