Can't add fully functional Holfuy to Windy

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    The Sandia Soaring Association maintains a new, Ultrasonic Holfuy In Albuquerque NM at the top of Sandia Peak:

    I tried to add it to Windy using the Add Weather Station feature, but it errored-out.
    Error Message

    Any suggestions? The URL is valid, and I completed all the required fields.

    Sandia Holfuy Fields


    Steve Crye

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    @stevecrye Hello? Any gurus able to help? I've followed the instructions but it is not working. Help, please.

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    @stevecrye Still wondering what I need to do. Is there a better guide? Is the Holfuy web link "data" , which is a human-viewable graph, incompatible with Windy? Am I supposed to use an API?

    I'm sure I'm not the only person with these questions. Thousands of Holfuy stations exist. They would be a valuable addition to Windy.


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