Wind chill

  • Is it possible to see the ‘wind chill’ or ‘feels like ‘ temperature ?

  • Administrator

    Hello @maritimegal, it is not possible to see such data. Thank you.

  • Biker | Premium

    @KORINA Why not? We all know it's not on your road map - so no need to tell us that again...

    We want you to put it on your road map.

    Then, we want you to use your road map to tell us when it will arrive.

    And of course, the necessary formula to create a new "wind chill" layer is simple and uses the data we can already toggle for display.


    Since it's such a simple implementation, perhaps the most obvious explanation is that you have decided not to provide this.

    In which case, the way to keep the support of those users who would like it would be to explain why you will not put it on your road map.

  • Administrator

    Hello, I didn't state that this feature is not on our list of possible ideas. It is considerable feature that could be implemented sometime in the future. Due to our limited capacities, we are focusing on a bigger projects with higher priority now.

    We are constantly working on development, so stay tuned for Windy. :)

  • Biker | Premium

    Thank you 😊

    Because you've really said very little constructive here or in the other 'wind chill' threads, I'm posting the following.

    It is noted that you have not given an indication of the delivery date for "wind chill".

    It is also noted that your explanation of what is being prioritised ahead of "wind chill" lacks any information about what these bigger projects(s) might be or when they might be delivered.

    Perhaps you could provide a link to the list of items that you have prioritised?

    Or, perhaps you are keeping your plans secret?

    I expect you know that protecting your ideas by keeping them secret does two things:--

    1. It ensures your competitors don't know what you are up to, which is obviously why companies do this.

    2. However, it also looses a proportion of your current and future customers. This is significant and perhaps neglected by Windy. The demographic of those lost is important to building your user-base over time.

    The net outcome in the market you inhabit is that you end up with more customers over a production cycle if you reveal your plans.

    Obviously, you keep the methodology for delivering your published engineering ideas secret - the 'how'. You can publish your plans without revealing your trade secrets.

    There are markets in which this is not true, but they are not Windy's market.

    Lastly, keeping quiet about Windy Maps was an example of a good decision (it's a new market and thus very different from a new addition to the well known original Windy).

    Sorry if this has been mistaken for a rant 😉

  • Administrator


    We appreciate your interest in the development and Windy itself, I am not able to share details about the current development process, however we will make sure all users will be notified when some feature goes into production as always. :)

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