elevation profile distorted upon saved to cloud

  • I was using Windy Maps to track my flight from Frankfurt to Kyiv via Vienna and Munich. It includes 3 consecutive segments and I record them as one trip.

    Find first screenshot of application with map just few minutes before landing at destination

    Screenshot #2 of application with elevation profile just before landing at destination (still was in the air approaching airport)

    First of all I notice that there is no any indication of my current elevation - it can only be calculated from initial elevation at start by adding and subtracting accumulated ascent and descent.

    In my case it was 142 + 28,714 - 26,693 = 2,163 m a.s.l.

    Calculated altitude very close to value "calibrated altitude 2,057 m" by Flight Radar - next screenshot from site fr24.com
    FR24 2019-11-30 LH2546.png

    Till now all seems to be Ok, but I was surprised to see absolutely screwed elevation profile after I have landed an save my entire track to cloud (screenshot #3).

    It seems from above elevation profile that elevation at my destination is 16,681 m a.s.l. [= 275m + 36,122m - 19,716m]
    WOW!!! It looks like I'm still in stratosphere! Note that my destination Kyiv Boryspil International Airport KBP has elevation 130 m a.s.l.

    Meanwhile track on map seems to be still same as before it was uploaded to cloud (Screenshot #4).

    Is it possible to retrieve correct elevation profile?

    Regards, Alexei

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