Accuracy based on zoom level with weather picker..

  • Hello, I’ve been using Windy for quite some time now. And it is certainly one of the most comprehensive and accurate weather apps ever.

    However, something has been bugging me. When I place a weather picker at a particular location, then zoom in/zoom out, the weather picker tends to fluctuate between wildly varying numbers.

    For example, using the ‘Wind accumulation’ overlay with weather picker placed directly on London.


    Compared to when I’m zoomed in a lot closer.

    London zoomed further

    So I would like to know... Is it supposed to be more ‘accurate’ the more zoomed in you are?

    Thanks to anyone who could clarify it.

    Also, that’s just an example. I have seen instances wherein the differences can be more than 10. :\ So I have no idea which data I should rely on.

  • Sailor Moderator

    This is known and probably due to interpolation of the raw data.
    In any case the accuracy will be better at low level.

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