Problem with "start up location"

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    Although I set another location (while I am logged in),
    when I open Windy it goes back to the location determined by my IP.

    Any solution?

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    Hi @Gkikas-LGPZ,

    may I ask you to provide us with some more details about this issue? Since we did not notice any problems with the feature.

    Once you create Favorite location then you should be able to select it from drop down menu of Start-up location in Settings. After that view of the map should change accordingly with every app launch.

    Thank you in advance, Korina

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    I followed instructions (for desktop)
    but the problem remains.
    When in "settings" I changed some parameters and they are saved (to the cloud).
    The problem exists ONLY with start-up location.

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    Hello @Gkikas-LGPZ,

    is the problem in the fact that when you choose your custom Start-up location and launch app again, the default location does not change at all?

    Or the Start-up location does change accordingly however you can not see it clearly in Settings like the screenshot below?


    At the moment, the chosen location is hidden in drop down menu of Start-up location, but it does not affect its functionality.


    Please let me know.
    In case it is not one of these options, we will have a look at your profile.

    Kind regards, Korina

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    Thank you for continuing your search about the problem I face.
    Description: when I launch windy in my desctop, the start-up location is ALWAYS the one determined by my IP.
    It seems that the "cloud" is not saving my start-up location
    (although it saves the other parameters I change e.g. units of temperature, wind etc).

    If you have time, please take a look in my profile.

    Thank you!

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