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    To submit your webcam you need to go through our form HERE, which contains a few simple questions.

    Once you submit your webcam application, our part in the process comes in and we will review your submission.

    If approved, you will be notified about the successful permission and your webcam will go live.


    A few things to keep in mind before the submission

    • Your webcam server needs to have IP addresses coming from outside on the white list, since we often experience issues with servers blocking our IP addressed by default

    • We will test your webcam if downloading data on regular daily basis is possible, therefore it is important to provide us with correct image URL

    • We only save images which are publicly available on our website from timelapse slideshows. It is up to the owner of the webcam what time period is selected

    • Webcam itself can have several views, depending on what is shown on webcam picture it determines what category and title will be assigned to each webcam

    • Submit your webcam

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    How long does it take to add a camera? At least the approximate time.

    Every time I add a new camera, I get an email with no content. Why?

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    Hi @Sevno, could you please send us more information on - info@windy.com preferably with the no content email you received as well? We will have a look at it.
    Once you submit your webcam form, it goes into assessment and it may take 1 - 2 working days.

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