• I had a camera on webcam.travel that was down when the redirect came. When I fixed it, I didn't see it showing up, so added a new one with a new user name. A couple of questions:

    1. My webcam.travel user details was not working - no password got sent so I assume the user database was not migrated?
    2. My webcam used to show up on yr.no. Will the new webcame I created show up on that site now?
    3. Will I have duplicate webcams? If so, I assume I should delete one?
  • Global Moderator

    hi @mhenkenis,
    if your camera doesn't show up (and did before), it is a bug and will be fixed soon.

    1. the migration will start on Monday, you should receive the info by email which you used to register to webcams.travel / lookr.com.
    2. we plan to provide (and are already doing so) same free API as webcams.travel did. yr.no is using that API and unless they change their mind in the future, your webcam will appear there
    3. we will recognise that and either delete the new one or merge with the old one
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