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  • Good day and thank you for this incredible application.
    I am an airline pilot and we often use your app among my colleagues to visualise weather threats along our planned route of flight.
    I have two questions though:

    1. What is a chance to expand your weather radar coverage to more countries in the Middle East? For now it seems only UAE has the coverage.
    2. When using Windy on Android Samsung phone I noticed the bottom bar showing precipitation rates is partially blocked and cannot be fully displayed. Is there any way to adjust it? Hope this screenshot gets across OK.
      alt text

    Thank you very much indeed.
    Dom Buszek

  • Administrator

    Hi @N4865G,

    to answer your questions -

    1. We plan to expand our radar coverage in the future.
    2. Could you please tell us what system version are you using? Probable cause is the browser itself with control symbols at the bottom. I would advise to use App instead.

  • Thank you very much indeed Korina.
    I work on Samsung S8+ with Android version 9.
    This is the native app installed via Play store.

    Thank you very much

  • Administrator

    Hi @N4865G,

    I checked the interface and I did not notice any problem. The screenshot you sent me is from browser, not app. Could you please try it in app and see if the issue still occurs? Thank you.

  • @Korina thank you Korina, but I am sending you pictures from an app, not a browser.
    Here is another one :
    link text
    Look at the digits above the red bar at the bottom of the screen.
    Hope this helps.
    This is by no means the big problem, just reporting it to you as it somewhat restricts useability of the app.

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