GPX upload almost useless for windy-created trajectories - suggested fix:

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    Once I'm done with a a trajectory, I might want to publish it and send a link to other people.

    The current windy way is: create trajectory, download GPX, upload GPX, publish link to result.

    Unfortunately, this is next to no use as of now, the reasons are:

    • most of the relevant info in the trajectory gpx file is lost
    • the colors are made up based on speed or all blue, and do not represent what is in the GPX file

    Here is an example which shows the deficit - click on a track and you get some made up speed and distance value:

    windy GPX file upload view

    This is what a useful display of GPX file contents looks like (GPS Visualizer)

    GPvisualizer display

    suggested fix:

    • display any data present in the trk segment if present, instead of made-up values
    • honor any color values present (see the windy-traj output above for an example on color coding).

    This would preserve key information instead of dropping it.

    that said - the most elegant windy way would be: create trajectory, press 'share', forward link. Have recipients see what you are seeing as creator.

    • Michael

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    an even better GPSVisualizer example:

    click on the points, and the tracks between points to reveal detail information

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