Windy Tutorial: How to add your webcam to Windy

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    Checking the weather webcam is necessary part of each adventure.

    And we, at Windy, are committed to provide better and better service for people like myself. For pilots, kiters, adventurers, mountaineers and all the souls, who are rather outside, than inside the shopping mall.

    But not only that. We, at Windy believe, that checking outdoor webcams, before your adventure, for example before your flight with small plane, can significantly increase level of your safety. β€”Ivo

    Join the Windy community and make your webcam available to worldwide audience. You can submit your webcam via this form (click HERE), answering few simple questions.;desc:Webcams on Windy;licence:cc;

    Windy will review your submission and once your webcam is approved, you will be notified about the successful application. Your webcam will go live.

    If you are considering buying a webcam or are in the process of buying a webcam, check out the list of supported hardware below.

    Things to consider before you submit your webcam to Windy

    • Your webcam server needs to have IP addresses coming from outside on the white list, since we often experience issues with servers blocking our IP addressed by default
    • We will test your webcam if downloading data on regular daily basis is possible, therefore it is important to provide us with correct image URL
    • We only save images which are publicly available on our website from timelapse slideshows. It is up to the owner of the webcam what time period is selected
    • Webcam itself can have several views, depending on what is shown on webcam picture it determines what category and title will be assigned to each webcam

    Submit your webcam

    The list of supported hardware

    Manufacturers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France

    Recommended Brands

    Streaming software and apps

    • Restreamer - Live video streaming on your website without a streaming provider, including live video to social platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Ustream.
    • PixWebcam - Convert your iPhone into ad-hoc camera to capture photos in predefined intervals and send them to targets such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

    desc:PixWebcam app screens

    Next step: Add your webcam to favorites;desc:Favorite a webcam;licence:cc;

    Below the webcam's stream, you can favorite it, making it available for a quick access (to the webcams in the important locations).;desc:Webcam in your favorites;licence:cc;

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