My weather station disappears on Windy map

  • Hallo!
    My PWS collects and publishes online realtime data since 2006.
    This year I upgraded from Cumulus 1 to Cumulus MX.
    Some weeks ago, I joined Windy community with station ID: f068b8bd (the station is not in the madis network) and started to send my PWS data, but something is going wrong....
    These are the problems:

    • my PWS is often not visible on the map, although CumulusMX diagnostic log keeps saying "Windy Response: OK: SUCCESS",
    • when the station reappears on the map, historic data are lost, as if the station had been offline,
    • the location on the map is a few tens meters off the point I pinned and, in the info box, the heigh shows 58m AMSL although I input 70m,
    • in the "ABOUT THIS STATION" section, last line says "there is a duplicate station: f071339a". If I tap on the link I get this message "error loading or rendering station data".

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you,

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    Hi @Alfeny,

    thank you for describing your problem, we will investigate the situation and get back to you as soon as possible. Kind regards.

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    Just like to report, I'm having the same issue as OP.

    Station is only visible for 6 to 12hrs in a day, then disappears. I've been successfully uploading for a few months, but just this last week I have noticed considerably that the station disappears off the map.

    This isn't a good thing, when I'm trying to keep an eye on the temperature during the day, as Australia comes into the summer months.

    ID: f077513e
    Name: Willsden
    Software: Meteobridge
    Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 2

    Meteobridge is stating it's successful in data uploading to Windy. I've tried resetting the Meteobridge device, resetting the API and uploading to Windy, and also the data upload time frame.
    However it's still an ongoing issue.

    Windy is the only APP I prefer to use now, with the PWS upload option, as WunderGround has gone down hill.

    There is now a code showing in the Meteobridge log.
    Error code: "2019-12-19 11:59:42 Error: 2019-12-19 11:59:29 Read error (Connection timed out) in headers. (no more tries)".

  • Same problem here, using weewx to send data to Windy.
    In the weeewx logs, I see quite often the error 502 - bad gateway when weewx try to send the data. After a second attempt, the connection seems to be accepted, but still no data visible and large gaps in station history.
    Stations ID : f07120bc and 1f07120bc

  • I've got the same problem. I'm posting the data from 2 Netatmo stations (Station IDs f07ce4bc and 1f07ce4bc) using Windy API by scheduling an automated 5-minute crontab task - I stopped using your automated Netatmo-Windy transfer as it appeared I could not post 2 Netatmo stations from the same netatmo account. Sometimes I can see the data on but most of the time they are missing. Looking at the log I can see that when the data missing I've got Error 502: Bad Gateway. Nevertheless, in few occasions the data has been transferred normally with SUCCESS but still doesn't display on the web. From time to time Windy starts displaying the data regularly. I assume there is a problem with one of your servers? At the time of writing just now the data again appeared on and I haven't changed anything on my side.


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    @ivant my weatherstation is now appearing on the app, but will see for how long this time. Would be handy if it keeps successfully showing, as it's meant to be 49°c today.

  • @gavsta40 Actually the data update stopped again this morning. Not very stable service so far.

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    We have been working on it since yesterday... It probably remains unstable for next few hours. Thank you for all your reports!

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    Any update on the situation? I have not been able to upload from my Meteobridge in about 3 days.

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    I just commissioned my weather station at our new home yesterday, it reported to windy but then stopped at 3 am EST 19 hours ago.

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    Can confirm that weewx is posting data without errors on my end.

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    Hmm...nvm, it seems to have come back.

  • @marekd said in My weather station disappears on Windy map:

    We have been working on it since yesterday... It probably remains unstable for next few hours. Thank you for all your reports!

    I confirm the problem seems to be fixed.
    Occasionally data flow still stops, but it happens only for short periods (no more than a couple of hour), and then it restarts.
    Thank you!
    Have a nice 2020 :-)

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    Hi @galfert @ivant @gavsta40 @jterrettaz, did you notice any change? Thank you.

  • Same problem with my PWS f068530d.

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    @Korina I did notice a change, however it still doesn't upload successfully. This is only a few times a day though, where it will work flawlessly for half the day, then it won't update for a few hours then work again.

    Still getting the error of "bad headers" though.

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    @Korina further adding to my recent reply, the weatherstation does not disappear off the map anymore, but it does stop reporting to windy for roughly 3 to 4hrs, either once or twice a day.

    However, still the same error as before.

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    I'm getting bad gateway from weewx now. Haven't been able to send for a couple weeks at least.

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    Also bad request. Errors 500 and 502.

  • Administrator

    Hello @gavsta40 @amedve1 @raenrfm, we have made some changes in order to fix the problem. Please inform us if you still have issues with reporting. Thank you!

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