Typical main spots on in short-list

  • Hi!
    Thanks for your service. Just a reflection: many of the typical spots around Europe and Egypt does not appear in you "short-list" when I start typing. I get all sorts of irrelevant geographical locations. Why is that? It can't be more than 1000-2000 spots all around the world and perhaps 200-300 around Europe to prioritize the hits for. After so many years running this, you would have narrowed it down by now. I would have thought anyway. But perhaps you run this on zero budget and all resources are consumed just for the bare bone things. Anyway, at your next sprint I suggest you just make a list of the typical spots and prioritize those in the search function. And just forget about in-land airports and such. You don't surf there... But thanks for bringing the service we do have!!! Hugs /Tomas

  • Sailor Moderator

    Spots of what ??
    Could you show a screenshot of what you call « your short list ».

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